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Sometime back, I had asked about Gravity Die casting and heat treatment process of LM 11 aluminium alloy to achieve tensile strength of min 310Mpa, Elongation of min 9% and Hardness of min VPN 100 and you have also suggested solutioning and aging cycles.

We have the following problems:

1) Even though we have achieved the hardness, we are unable to achieve the tensile strength and elongation to the required levels.(We did heat treatment as follows: Solutioning at 530* C for 20 hrs and quenching in water within 15 sec. Aging at 170* C for 20 hrs and cooling at room temp)

2) For making the castings, we have made a tilting type Vertical
Gravity Die Casting machine with Refractory Crucible (to avoid iron pick-up if cast Iron Crucible is used) with top heating lid (heating coils are placed underneath the opening and closing type lid) and Euro therm thyristor control power panel, Hydraulic valves and power pack system and PLC panel. We operate the machine with holding time of 17 sec and solidification time of 25 sec. Even though we get good castings, we face many parts with short molding.

We seek your kind advice for solving the above problems.

Dear Govindraju,
To the best of my knowledge following can meet your requirement:
1) The alloy must not have iron more then 0.3%
2) Solutionising temp 535*c and hold it for 4.5 hrs and quench
3) Titanium in alloy should be 0.12  to 0.18%
4) Degas the bath with clorine base degassing not by dry nitrigen
I am sure you will get what are you searching for.


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