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Hello Mr. Sharma
I would like to clarify the level of Cr that you recommend.
Your comments stated 0.25% - 0.30%
Is this correct or should it be 0.025% - 0.030%?
My level are 0.040% - 0.055%.

Thank you
John Tucker

Dear John,

Really sorry, please add a zero after decimal point in case of chromium wherever I mentioned it during our discussion.

In general, entrapment of the sludge into the mold cavity has a harmful effect on the mechanical and  physical properties of the casting part which dependent on the alloy’s chemistry, melting and holding temperatures, and time. sludge factor (SF) for Al– Si– Cu alloys. It is useful to determine Fe, Mn, and Cr contents to prevent sludge formation. This factor is calculated from the formula mentioned below:

Sludge Factor (SF) =(1 × wt.%Fe)+(2 × wt.%Mn)+(3 ×wt.%Cr).
It is obvious that Cr is the most deleterious element for the formation of sludge and also changing the morphology of hard inter-metallic compounds.

Alone or in combination, manganese (Mn) and/or chromium (Cr)change the morphology of the iron-rich Al5FeSi phase from its typical platelet/acicular form to a more cubic Al15(MnFe)3Si2 form that is less harmful to ductility.

Thus, on an average; keeping a balance, Chromium > 0.035% give rise to sluge formation as well as brittle inter-metallic compound.You chromium contents are almost double than what it need to be.

Hope, the matter is more clear now.

Best Regards,


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