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Meteorology (Weather)/Can you go through a rainbow?


JOHN LARRIS wrote at 2012-11-14 02:12:20
I have driven through a rainbow in Freeport, Bahamas while stationed there. The end of the rainbow was in my lane. It was inside my car. I couldn't touch it, taste or smell it. It was an amazing experience that I'all never forget. I saw all the colors and it was just shimmering in front of me and as I passed through it I couldn't see it on the other side even though it was still in my car. I didn't see a pot of gold either. Please contact me and I'll be glad to discuss this with anyone who has questions doubts or similar experiences.  

Chris Baudean wrote at 2017-02-17 00:00:59
Well I'm no storm chaser, but my wife and I with my two sons drove through a rainbow around 25 years ago.  You will have a hard time trying to convince us that it didn't happen.  Although I never thought to say anything to anyone; nor to my knowledge did my family.  I did just write on a fb post about the experience because someone asked about a pic with a rainbow and I reported what had happen.  Then of course I was told that it was impossible.  So, my point is that even though I was not trying to reach a rainbow, I did indeed go through one.  So since it happen to me and others; then your science is wrong.  Not our experience.

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