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I just saw on the internet in a shop that sells only weather related objects that there is something called a Weather Stick that would have been used by some Native Americans to predict wether the weather will be good or bad (there seems to be a legend concerning an explorer named Dee Gree);  the principle would be that some kinds of wood (birch for instance) would behave physically different when humidity changes. Found even a company called that sells this
I find it very difficult to find any reliable information on this.  So is there any truth in it or is it just a legend ?
What is your opinion ?

Hi Ronny

Weather sticks only predict very short range and they're really only telling you what is happening in the hour or so- why, because their only indicating the humidity in the air; more humidity and they face down, less, they face upwards. For more info, see:

A good site to learn how to forecast the weather is at:  

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