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Meteorology (Weather)/Average temp peak in January


Looking at the average temperature graphs for my location(Brigg,UK)
I've noticed that the average temp drops from summer to winter, but during January it peaks before dropping and then starts it's rise into spring and summer. Do you know what causes this lift in average temps during Jan?
Graph I was looking at:!dashboard;a=UK/Brigg
Thanks so much for your help.
Paul Winter

Statistical Anaolmys (a word I have never been able to spell). The averages given for Brigg refer to a period between May 2006 and the present day, this is too small a time frame in order to smmoth out any bumps. The data for my area (Llanon in Ceredigion) goes back to March 1993 and the average for January has a natural upward progression towards February.

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