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I have a question about severe weather.  I am writing a story about characters who take refuge from a severe storm.  How quickly can the weather change from merely a heavy snowfall to a blizzard with strong winds.  Can this phenomena happen unexpectedly or would it take a while for a storm this strong to build up?  What about a whiteout.  How quickly can visibility change?

Hi Patrick

Well, heavy snowfall is defined as having visibility 1/4 mile or less with snow falling from the sky. A blizzard can be either snow falling or being picked up from the ground and blown about by high winds.

So, a heavy snow event can instantly become a blizzard with the arrival of high (gale force) winds.

A whiteout is when visibility falls to zero in heavy snow.

Visibility can be quite variable in any of these events and change "on-a-dime".  

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