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Does it actually snow less in the city than in the suburbs?
I live in NJ but work in NYC. The girls at work are always saying they are so surprised by how little it snowed in the city compared to where they live in the suburbs. Also on the weather it will say that the expected amount is always less in the city than in the suburbs. But, to me it seems that the snow fall is probably the same but due to the crowded real estate and population of NYC it does not have time to accumulate has it does in the suburbs. People are constantly moving about in the city. I feel that if I went to the top of the roof somewhere (untouched) there would be more snow than on the streets.
Need that facts. Hope you can help!

Yes and no. A bit of a mixed answer but let me explain. Firstly, New York has what is termed a heat island which basically means that the inside of a city is warmer than the outside of a city (so in that case, YES, it will snow less in a city than in the suburbs) however it is possible for it to snow in a city and the residents not know about it. This is because the freezing line (that separates rain from snow) can be level with the tops of some buildings. A very good example was in November 1958 when during a very intense rainstorm those walking below the Empire State Building were getting drenched, the security guards on the roof were enjoying a snowball fight. So in that case, the answer is NO

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