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for the last 2 or 3 years i been wondering about claymont delaware's weather!  we are located near the tippy top of delaware!  now my question that has bugged me for the last few years is why claymont delaware always escapes major weather events just like hurricane irene and sandy and the last 2 noreasterns including march 6th!  they all seem to hit us but nothing happens!  like i believe it was irene that basically was 50 miles away from landfall from my area and didnt receive nothing major.  just like this noreastern march 6th barely got any rain but again the radar showed alot of rain.  what in your opinion do u think is happening?  zipcode 19703.  thanks...dan klosowski

Hi Dan, Funny that you mention this. I live in Norman, Oklahoma. I moved here 10 years ago to pursue my meteorology degree and we have the same problem. We often call it the "Norman Bubble". As for your question, it's really hard to say for sure without looking at the specific situation. It could be dry air entering the system or another system is pushing it away from you. Those are the only two scenarios that come to mind. Again, if I could look at the radar, I might see something that could explain it. In these situations, it's probably not going to be able to be forecast too far in advance.


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