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Mr. Rosenfeld, I have great interest in taking cloud pictures, but last year I happened to capture one I've been having trouble identifying.

Here's the photo:

Could you please tell me what type of cloud that is? (the one which looks like a high, stretched fog).

Thank you very much!

PS: The picture was taken in Brazil, during late summer, in case you need to know!

Hi Rachel

Well, it looks like cirrus clouds except they are lower than the other clouds so it couldn't be cirrus. So, my next thought is- it still may be cirrus clouds with a double exposure showing two pictures superimposed.

Some other thoughts:

It looks like the picture was taken through a windshield which may have a burring effect.

With all said, assuming the wispy clouds are not cirrus, I would suggest you take a look at the following to see if you can find a comparison:  

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