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Meteorology (Weather)/6th grade meteorologists need help


Can a hurricane and a tornado combine?

How do hurricanes form?

Why do tornadoes come from the sky?

How many tornadoes can occur at the same time?

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All excellent questions!

A hurricane can produce a tornado but a tornado cannot create a hurricane. If both exist as separate storms unrelated to each other they can not combine. The reason is that the tornado is a very small width system and would be blown apart by the overall wind circulation of a hurricane. A hurricane can have, as part of their structure, cumulonimbus clouds that will create a tornado(s) as associated with that particular cloud:

Hurricanes form in the tropics with warm air, ocean moisture, cyclonic spin. Usually this all happens in a cluster of thunderstorms near the equator:

Tornadoes form in thunderstorms and reach the ground to then be called a tornado: Basics

A squall line composed of many thunderstorms can have multiple tornadoes:  

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