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Hi, this evening about 6:00 a fast moving thunderstorm came through.  At the same time I was trying to cook dinner on our gas stove.  I noticed that the flame went out in the middle of cooking. I tried to light the burners with a match but even the match would not stay lighted.  I had to give up cooking a steak and heat some soup in a microwave.  Would the barometric pressure from the storm have caused the problem with the stove?  Later (about 10:00) I tried the range again, and the burners came on, no problem.  Thanks for the answer, the question intrigues me!

Hi John

In that the match would not stay lit would suggest a small gust of wind occurred within the structure which then blew out both flames. This might have been caused by a down-draft from the thunderstorm which could have been causing an over pressurization that came down through the chimney.  

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