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Meteorology (Weather)/low pressure system merger. for a story/book


1)could a strong extratropical cyclone merged with a cutoff low
pressure? and would this be a powerful storm?
2)if not; what would be a "perfect storm"? (preferably in winter, not necessarily in North America)

I'm trying to write a book and i was going to use a strong
extratropical cyclone merging with a cutoff low pressure. But i never learnt about storm mergence in school or I've forgotten. i want to keep with reality.
any help will be much appreciated!

Hi Dillon

A intense low pressure system could become a cut-off low by loosing the upper air jet stream winds steering it thus causing it to stall in place. Typically that set-up leaves the original low a weaker system over time:

A "perfect storm" is a storm, extra-tropical or tropical, that is a "design" storm to bring extreme bad weather to a particular location or area. Design means having all ingredients including perfect path and atmospheric structure to be an extremely intense record breaking storm for a location.

A perfect storm was, as an example, the one that hit New England in late October 1991:

As to super storms, see:

Hope this helps!  

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