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Hi there, a buddy and i have been arguing over this for quite some time. I always say that when its hot out, say 85-90 degrees and it rains and then the sun comes back out it feels very sticky and humid. He says that in ohio it rarely gets over 85 but when that happens and it does rain that it feels cooler after, even if the sun comes back out. He says its sticky and humid before it rains not after. Can you PLEASE solve this for us. Thanks!

Hi Ryan

If it rains, the humidity goes up. When the sun comes out the puddles evaporate with more water vapor being put in to the lower atmosphere. So, you could say that when it rains it's humid and when the sun comes out the humidity remains for some short period of time. A person feeling cooler is when there is increased evaporational cooling from the skin which happens with increased wind and or lower humidity.

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