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This week, I observed a rapid 20 degree F spike in outside air temperature, from ~80 to 100, and back to 80 over the course of 30 minutes. This occurred at 10 am.  I work at a power plant that is on the Missouri River and we routinely monitor meteorlogical conditions at the site. This rapid change was validated with several indications, including an individual who was outside at the time. Also, a 20% downward spike in humidity correlated with the temperature change. Is this a common occurrence? What weather conditions would cause this?

Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Hi Jeremy

What was the date and location of the event?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Brownville, NE on 6/12 at 10 am.

Looking at the surface daily weather map for the 12th at 7am E.S.T.

we see a low pressure on a stationary front in the area. Looking lower on the same page, we see that temperatures were (at the max of the day) in the 90's. So, it would be plausible that with the stationary front wobbling just a few miles back and forth, you could get that temperature range fluctuating around 10 am.  

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