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Dear Sir,
I have two questions regarding the Bermuda High:firstly,why does it generally move north in summer?Does this have to do with the tendency of warm air masses to extend further to the north in summer?
The second question has to do with something I read in a site, namely that the heating of the European continental land during summer helps the Bermuda High to extend and build up eastward, that is in western and even central Europe. Is this accurate, and if it happens, why is it so?    
Thank you so much

Hi Chris,

The Bermuda High tends to move north during the summer because the warmer air moves further north\, which increases 1000-500 mb thicknesses and thus the high moves north.

As for the second question, this is true for much of the same reason as above.

With both of these questions, they come down to basic thermodynamics. If you heat a column of air, the column expands; if you cool it, it contracts. In general (though not always) a high will tend to move toward areas of warm air advection.

Hope this helps,

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