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QUESTION: I hope you can answer this. If not, perhaps you will suggest an alternate course of inquiry.

In the summer of 2013 news media extensively reported the progress of "silver fires." (See for example I have not been able to find why these are called "silver fires" or even what that phrase denotes.

ANSWER: Hi Richard

Here's how the use of "Silver Fire" started:

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QUESTION: Thanks, Donald, for your prompt response, but did you give me the right link? That article says nothing about what a "silver fire" is or why it is so called. Moreover, its publication is over a month later than the mentions in most of the sources to which I referred you.

Hi Richard

What I believe is the following:

1. There is no weather phenomenon called "silver fire".

2. The link that I sent you suggests that the fire department names that fire(s) "silver fire".

3. I believe that the use of the term "Silver Fire" refers to a fire that is in some way related to a "silver" geographic location.

If I learn more, I will respond via your question link at AllExperts.

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