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Meteorology (Weather)/Global Warming - fact or fiction?


Mr Rosenfeld,

I am torn between believing that global warming is man-made or the natural cycle in Earth's evolution.  There is definitely evidence of melting ice sheets/glaciers around the world, and of the ocean levels rising.  But there are those who say it's a hoax and is a money-making scheme masterminded by a few who hope to prosper from it.

But the most crucial problem I have been hearing about is the fresh water glaciers that are melting near the north pole and diluting the sea water that makes up the gulfstream current, the Atlantic conveyor, or whatever it is called.  I have been hearing that this diluting of the salt water is slowing down the flow of the conveyor, which is cutting off the warm waters from the Gulf from reaching the North Atlantic.  This, according to some experts, can lead to severe climate change as well as a mini ice age.  So whether some claim it is a hoax or not, these circumstances, if true, can become catastrophic in real life. And I confess, it has me quite concerned.

What is your take on all this, on global warming, and do you put any credence on the claims that melting glaciers can lead to the slowing down or stopping the Atlantic Conveyor?  I welcome your thoughts.  

Thank you.

Hi Gary

I believe that there has been some global warming but it is too early to say that it is a long term trend.

Ice melting in the polar regions will cause changes to the path of the Gulf Stream and the weather over the Atlantic Ocean. It may turn out to be more important to the fishing industry and the weather in Europe.

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