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Hello, I'm a 50+ year old who deals with arthritis.  I live in an area which supposedly has over 140 days of BP changes a year (WV Eastern Panhandle), and from what little research has been done on the subject, apparently weather (in particular, BP changes) has an affect on arthritic joints.  

I've been trying to track the BP changes in my area to see if they coincide with an increase in pain.  I don't have a Barometer and have been relying on online weather conditions to tell me current BP readings.  I'm thinking I might have to purchase one, because according to the online readings our BP never seems to change much, yet we have plenty of brisk wind changes moving through, and cloudy to rain occuring even as I

Can you see light rain moving into an area (and wind) without any BP changes?  Ours seems to stay between 30.27 to 30.18, and I've been watching it for a couple of weeks from dry weather to today's rain. ??

Or, are the readings posted faulty?

How big of a change is nec to see dry weather to wind and rain?


Hi Kim

For accurate barometric readings try:

For a barometer to buy:

Light rain events usually are associated with almost no pressure change. Even thunderstorms, except the severe type, have liitle change as well. Large scale storms are the ones with significant pressure changes.

A change of more than .25 inches of barometric would be associated with wind and rain.

For more info, see:

Hope this helps!!  

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