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Meteorology (Weather)/radiosonde/rawinsonde analyzer in air traffic control


QUESTION: Please sir, i am working on my final year project,major in computer technology, but i want to do a project aviation related.

Air traffic controller is a my project topic, but i want to blend it with meteorology.

I need your help with this topic: radiosonde/rawinsonde analyzer in air traffic control.

Or you can suggest topics that are feasible. Your contribution would be highly appreciated. Thank you in anticipation.


See if any of the following helps:

In response to:

do you think it is feasible to design and implement a radiosonde/rawinsonde with better parameters(may be better storage,battery quality, improved thermistor etc) that enhances it measurement abilities.

The short answer is no.

To expand, many experts in measurement & electrical engineering have made progressive iterations of improvements and I
doubt that there is a need for improvement,
a request for improvement or a possibility of improvement.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much sir. Please do you have any suggestion on any topic that is feasible which is related to air traffic control and meteorology.

Hi Leke

Air traffic controllers typically are most worried about take-offs and landings. In addition to other aircraft movements they are worried about thunderstorms, up / down drafts, strong surface winds, visibility, icing and slippery conditions.

So, in addition to forecasts of the above, the controllers look to real-time imagery such weather radar.

Your topic could be about weather radar and decision making with respect to take-offs & landings. This data could be an algorithm of step by step parameters for decision making or an automated system with radar info being inputted to computer out-put.  

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