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Meteorology (Weather)/Hi. Question about a blizzard this last winter.



This is a weather question. There was a blizzard that hit New York area I remember it was in January or February. I think maybe it was February of 2015. But the mainstream news was coming up with funny names for the blizzard and they overestimated how bad it was going to be. I was wondering if you remember what this was, or what this big famous blizzard was called? I believe it was like the "Monster Blizzard" or Blizzard Saurus. Or something.

Yes, the media do tend to get a little carried away with the names they give to various weather events. The blizzard that you are thinking of happened between January 25th and January 28th 2015 (with the effects lasting into February as well) and was informally dubbed "Winter Storm Juno" (in the same way that hurricanes are given names)

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