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Hi I was hoping you could assist me in understanding this question I'm having some difficulty with:

" Imagine the following. You and your best friend are at sea on your ship. Your ship is designed to withstand seas during 120 knot winds. You measure the winds outside your ship at 30 knots. From satellite images and Global Positioning System (GPS) data, you pinpoint your position at 60 nautical miles from the centre of a hurricane. The satellite image shows that the eye of the hurricane hasnít changed position in hours and that the diameter of the eye is 20 nautical miles. The forecast from the National Hurricane Center has (correctly) forecast that the hurricane will not intensify. Your best friend thinks that the way to survive the storm is to head to the hurricaneís eye where winds and the sea will be calm. What is your reply to your friendís suggestion? Explain your reasoning.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Kim

With any hurricane, if you are at sea on ANY boat, the boat should head away from the storm and not trust a forecast of intensity.

If you head into the calm of the eye you will be traveling through increasingly stronger winds till you arrive. Seas will also increase in height as you head toward the center.

Your message to your friend should be: "Better safe than sorry".

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