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QUESTION: Wind blows from a high pressure spot to a low spot. So why do the synoptic charts show wind direction along the isobars?


Winds tend to blow from a high pressure system to lower pressure areas but there are exceptions.

Surface synoptic charts typically display isobars and low and high pressure systems and also fronts. Surface charts may also display station observations which will include wind barbs that show wind direction.

If, and if is important, the isobaric gradient is more than just weak, the wind direction will be parallel to the isobars.

The reason for displaying the wind direction is to give the user an idea of the direction of the winds for the area of interest.

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QUESTION: I'm still lost. It seems we agree that air will flow from high to low pressure. But if the wind direction is parallel to the isobars, it is not doing this.rhkt3

At higher levels above the surface the transfer takes place.

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