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There is all this talk about The Blob of warm water off the west coast of North America. The water is said to be a couple of degrees warmer than usual down to a depth of about 300ft -from California to BC and up to Alaska.

With all that extra heat, there should be extra evaporation off the ocean's surface. And yet, here in Vancouver, BC, we've had diddly squat worth of rain for June and July.

What is happening with that extra evaporation? Is this a jet stream thing?


Gerry Giroux
Vancouver, BC

Hi Gerry

You are correct, it is the jet stream in that the jet stream controls the path of storms:

A good link to see what's happening with the jet stream(s) is at:

As to the pool of warmer water:

And, water evaporation is governed more by wind speed and sunlight then water temperature.

Precipitation will be returning in the colder months.  

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