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Meteorology (Weather)/Rain in other planets.


Dear Harry

Is there a possibility of rain occuring in other 8 planets?


Yes, it does "rain" on other planets, although you have to remember that their "rain" is not our rain.

On the gas giants of Jupiter and Saturn it has been suggested that it "rains" diamonds due to lightning zapping molecules of methane in the upper atmospheres of Saturn and Jupiter, liberating carbon atoms. These atoms then stick onto each other, forming very large particles of carbon, which the Cassini spacecraft may have spotted in dark storm clouds on Saturn. As the particles slowly float down through ever-denser layers of gaseous and liquid hydrogen towards the planets' rocky cores, they experience ever greater pressures and temperatures. The carbon is compressed into graphite, & then into solid diamonds before reaching a temperature of about 8,000 C, when the diamond melts, forming liquid diamond raindrops. There was initial evidence that it rained diamonds on Uranus and Neptune but this is more likely to happen deep inside the planet.

Snow has been recorded at the north pole of Mars, and it has been theorised that it may snow on Pluto.

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