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Methodists/Removal of a Memorial Gift from Sanctuary


QUESTION: In the United Methodist Church who can make the decision to remove a memorial gift from the sanctuary? This memorial gift has been in the sanctuary for at least 60 years.

ANSWER: Elizabeth -

I've researched the Book of Discipline and found nothing about removing memorial gifts

The Board of Trustees is responsible for all property in the church, so I'm assuming that they would have the authority to remove it, but I doubt that they would have any reason to make that decision.

The Worship Committee is normally in charge of accoutraments for any worship services.  I would think that they would have the authority to ask the Trustees to remove something.

And finally, I believe that the pastor would have some say, too.

Remember this is only my opinion, as I couldn't find anything in the Book of Discipline about it.  I understand that there are those who aren't going to like anything changed, ever.  If it becomes controversial, the Charge Conference should decide.

I wish you luck in dealing with this.  A few years ago in my church, the worship committee, with the pastor's approval, painted the back of the altar area a different shade of the same color it was.  With all the uproar it caused, you'd think the church had been vandalized.  They actually changed it back it cause so much controversy.


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QUESTION: If I did give you a 1 rather than the best rating, it was a mistake on my part.  You have always answered any question I submitted very well and with thoughtfulness.  Either I selected the wrong response OR thought 1 was the best rating.  I was jusr rereading ( Its been quite some time since I had looked at this material again.) through some of your responses and just noted this question from you about the rating of one.  I hope this makes you feel better.  You are very conscientious in your responses.

Elizabeth - thank you so much for getting back to me.  I kept re-reading my answer to try and figured out how I wasn't polite.  We don't get paid for this, and feedback is all we get, and I don't get that much other than ratings, and when I get a 1 (I've only received about a half dozen or so in the last 10 years), I'd like to find out why.  I pride myself on being polite, even if I can't answer the question, so thanks for letting me know you didn't do it on purpose.  

Every once in a while I'll get a bad rating, but it's usually from someone who didn't get the answer they wanted.  And I had one person give me a 1 because I didn't know the answer to an unanswerable question.  Go figure.

thanks again,


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