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QUESTION: Is it anywhere in the book of discipline that the Pastor cannot share with the Church Council his evaluation from the PPRC?

ANSWER: Dear Nancy:

   I am away from my Discipline and will be for several days. However, I cannot remember any specific reference to your question. However, since the Discipline states that the PPRC is a closed meeting, with its deliberations available only to the members, the pastor, and the DS, a pastor would be correct in not sharing the evaluation with the Council.

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QUESTION: Thank you so very much for your quick response.  I have another question and since you are away from your Discipline you may not be able to answer. My husband (the Pastor) has two churches and one of them blind-sided him with negative comments on his evaluation (orchestrated by only one or two members). The majority of the church really loves my husband and he did not feel that the negative evaluation spoke for the entire church so he made a statement tonight at the Church Council Meeting asking the members to prayerfully consider what they want out of him as their Pastor and asking them to read a form he had printed about evaluations. He explained that some negative remarks were placed in his permanent record that he was never made aware of throughout the year and that were not true.  At the end of the meeting a PPRC member got up and started yelling at my husband saying that the evaluation was confidential and he, my husband had betrayed the members by talking about the evauation.  That is why I asked the first question. Could my husband get in trouble with the DS over this???

Dear Nancy:

    Since the hostile person is a PPRC member, it is likely that this encounter may come to the DS's attention. Probably the pastor, your husband, should seek an appointment with the DS to outline all that has happened and to ask his advice. That way the story goes to the DS in a favorable way, and the pastor has worked within the "chain of command." From here on communication should be pastor to DS, with no further remarks in the Council by any. If the DS is like most of mine, his/her response should be constructive.


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