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My church has had an ongoing problem with its heating system that has not been repaired in the past 3 years. Whenever people complain, they basically are told that its being worked on.
I suggested that they borrow money from a Endowment fund (interest) to pay for the repairs which I am told will cost $100k to replace the boiler and all the switchgear which I am told is about 50-75 years old.
I am told they cannot do that, however I could not find anything in the 2012 Discipline one way or other on this. I consider this problem to be an emergency as every Sunday, the Sanctuary is freezing and people are staying home because of it. My question is is there any provision in the Discipline to borrow money from an Endowment fund to allow and cover this major expense. Here in NY we are just getting into the colder weather now in December so the worst is yet to come. I even have tried to joke about it and asked if anyone lit the burning bush!
Many people including myself feel the church is moving to slow to make this repair.

Dear John,

What you describe is a very difficult situation, but not one that is unfamiliar to me.  Setting priorities and meeting them is important; being willing to face the unhappy facts and using the available resources to fix the problems is also important.

"My question is is there any provision in the Discipline to borrow money from an Endowment fund to allow and cover this major expense."

The disposition of endowment funds is at the discretion of the Charge Conference.  The Charge Conference can vote to utilize funds from endowments to meet the bills of the church, and especially big-ticket items such as this.


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