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I understand that the trinity teaches that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Ghost) are tree separate and distinct individuals.

According to my King James Bible when ever I see the word LORD in capitals it refers to Yahweh (or Jehovah).  Is that referring to the Father, Jesus, the Spirit or all three.

Basically I want to know when we read in the Bible the word "God" as the True God an not the false gods that many people worshiped, just who does that refer to.  Is it the Father, the Son of the Holy spirit or is it all 3.

Thank you

Dear Ben:

    Since the Old Testament was written by Jews, who do not accept the idea of the Trinity, "the LORD" (which is a reference to Yahweh)means God as God, in God's fullness. Christians after the New Testament was written saw in that Testament God's presence as Father, Son, and Spirit. In both cases, "the LORD" refers to the True God in God's fullness (we Christians would say, as Father/Son/Spirit). In your words, "as all three."


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