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Methodists/Use and placement of 7 branch memorial candelabra


The altar table in our Methodist Church is behind the communion rail and is one step up from where we kneel for communion.  The area with the altar can be entered from the far right or the far left of the area. Our altar/communion table has the cross in the center at the back of the table and a candle on each side of the cross at the corner of the table. (The table is in the center of the altar area in front of the pulpit)  For about 60 years our Methodist Church has used the two memorial 7 branch floor candelabra on each side of the table.  They were given as a memorial for a family member in the early 1950s.
    Are we placing the candelabra in the right place?
    Where should the candelabra be placed?
    Is there any reason to not use the memorial brass candelabra?
    We have a very large, formal, traditional sanctuary. Could these candelabra be used for all services?    Should the candelabra only be used for special services according to the Christian Calendar?
    Who in the church should make the decision?
   Some new members to our church tell us that nothing should be put near the altar table that would detract from our focus on the  cross. These people say that the candelabra detract from our focus on the cross.   Those of us who have been at our church for many, many years (some since the candelabra were given) do not feel  that the candelabra detract from our focus on the cross ( the meaning of the cross).
    The last member of this family died a few years ago and left two endowment funds--one for $250,000 to the Music Fund and $150,000 to the Building Maintenance Fund. Between $75,000 and #90.000 was left to the church to use -- no string attached. This money was used  to repair and paint the outside of the church.
    There are members in our church who feel that the candelabra should not be removed. The candelabra do not interfere with our focus on the cross. Using the memorial candelabra would show our continued respect, honor, and gratitude to this family

Thank you for your heart felt concern for the congregation.
1. There are no firm rules about what is placed at the front of a church. Each congregation develops traditions over the years of its history. New people bring new ideas.
2. I suggest that you get to know who makes decisions in your church. Is there a printed description of the organization? Who organizes things in this church. Finding this out may be difficult but it is necessary in order to find a peaceful and Christ minded solution to the issue you raise.
3. The pastor is the chief officer for the congregation. He/she is ultimately responsible for what happens. Have you spoken with the pastor about this matter?
4. Read the scripture and be in prayer over your own place in the life of the church.
Pastor Delton


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