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What is the Methodists belief of what happens after we die?

For when a Christian dies, do they move on with full conscience?  I've heard some say we lay in the ground until Jesus 2nd coming.  Others say we go to another area but are conscience...

As far as I am aware there is no single Methodist believe on "what happens after we die."  However, most United Methodists would probably say that when we die we go to heaven.  I know of few, if any, who would believe in any concept like "soul sleep."  Most would affirm that the "general resurrection of the dead" is not just something that the dead in Christ just wait around for -- asleep -- but, rather, that it is an idea, concept, or theological affirmation which reflects the true reality of our continued existence as distinct individuals beyond our death.  Specificity as to how this is the case is probably not a part of most Methodists thinking.

Personally, I don't believe in the idea of time.  I believe, rather, that when one dies one is immediately freed from the limitations of time and space and is, instantly, alive in their "new, resurrected bodies" at the "end" of time.  And, at the same moment, I believe that when we die we are at once in heaven with God.  As contradictory as these two ideas are, they are part of my personal understanding of life after death as being beyond our human comprehension but still absolutely true.


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