we have members on church role that has not been in years don't know where they are how do we remove from the membership         role?        thanks

Dear Jerry:

    It's good to hear from a fellow Virginian; I was raised in Arlington and served churches from the Bay to the SW mountains.

    The procedure for searching out and removing inactive members is outlined in the Discipline, 2012, paragraph 228. The first step is to attempt to contact the inactives to request that they return to your church, transfer to another UM Church, transfer to a church of another denomination, or resign their membership. If (as it seems to be in your case) there is no response or no way of contacting the persons, then after two years of trying the pastor and chair of evangelism can recommend removal to the Charge Conference "provided that the member's name shall have been entered in the minutes of the annual charge conference for two consecutive years." If the conference agrees, the names shall be entered as "removed by Charge Conference Action." Of course, any time that someone requests transfer or removal of their own names, that can be done at once by the pastor.


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