"We are a small church. Nominations recommended to combine the Admin Asssistant and Treasurer. SPRC advertized and hired a wonderful individual with amazing skill sets to do Admin Assistant and Treasurer (Accounts Payable, all financial computer entries, creates all checks for invoices and runs all the reports for monthly close out and annual report.  She is doing such an awesome job a few congregation members commented to SPRC chr to consider an increase in pay since the budget showed $1250 for Treasurer.  So SPRC chr brought this idea to the SPRC meeting and the group wrote this recommendation to the Finance Committee.

Finance Committee asked where the money would come from for the increase in pay when the budget for Treasurer would go to a new individual who was chosen by Nominations Committee to serve as Treasurer.

Questions:  If this church has a budget for a treasurer then is this a paid position?  If yes, then shouldn't the Treasurer be hired by SPRC?  And who gets the money for being the Treasurer?"


Thanks for writing.  I'm not exactly sure what you're asking and why, but I'll take a shot answering your specific questions.

"If this church has a budget for a treasurer then is this a paid position?"

It depends on the way the budget is written and the intention.  If this is specified as a stipend, salary, wages, gift or whatever to go to the Treasurer, then I would consider it a paid position.  However, it might be intended to go to supplies, software, computers, etc. to give the proper tools to the Treasurer.  Whoever wrote the budget needs to address what this money is for.

" If yes, then shouldn't the Treasurer be hired by SPRC? "

I would say yes.  But again, you have to consider the intent of the budget.  $1250 for a year of work doesn't really sound like a salary.  I'm a retired accountant, and I certainly wouldn't consider doing all that she's doing for $1250 - I'd rather just volunteer and give my services away.  She has a tough job, certainly not just a few hours a week.

"And who gets the money for being the Treasurer?"

Well, the treasurer would.  Who else would you give it to?  Don't really understand this question.

I'm sure you'll have more questions.  Please try to be specific as to what the situation is now, and what it is going to become, and what you find right or wrong about that.  Answering those questions would help me immensely.



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