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Methodists/Do I have to be a member of the UMC in order to serve on the Nominations / Trustee Commitees?


I currently serve on the Trustees and Nominations Committees at our Methodist Church.  I am not a member but rather a "Friend" of the Church.  I was nominated by members to be on these two committees, as well as on the SPRC Committee.  It has recently come to my attention that I should be a "member" to sit on the SPRC Committee and would like to know if my lack of membership is also going against the bylaws for the other two committees I serve on. Any advice you can lend would be much appreciated as I can't seem to get these answers from our current Pastor.  Thank you kindly.

Dear Brenda:

    The United Methodist Discpline of 2012 mandates that members of the SRPRC (paragraph 258.2) and of the Nominations Committee (paragraph 258.1) must be professing members of the local chuch. However, only two-thirds of the Trustees must be professing members (paragraph 2525). So you are secure as a Trustee; you are not qualified, by the Discipline, for Nominations and SPRC.
    Thank you for your interest and hard work in your church.


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