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I am serving my first term on my churches board of trustees, my question is can our chairman stay on for more than one year if we as the trustee members elect a majority vote to keep our chairman on longer even though the paster says he he no longer wants him on , but the pastor is not a member on the board. So I am assuming that the pastor does not have the power to decide this , but it is up to the board of trustees to determine whether or not the chairman can continue on and serve for more than one year?  Please give me a call as well I would love to speak with you about some issues regarding the book of discipline. My cell is 2524898032 or 2524808031 Michael or Autumn Melson.

Autumn - it's Matthew 18:15-17 about conflict resolution.

Hi Autumn,

Thanks for writing.  I'm looking forward to speaking to you this afternoon.

2530 states that the Board of Trustees must meet after the Board is established once a year and elect a chairperson.

2525 states that the pastor does not get to vote unless he is elected a member.

2526 states that members can succeed themselves, i.e., be elected back to back and presumably as Chair if so elected.

So, the way I interpret it, the Pastor can only use any influence he has to try to prevent the chair from being elected, but just because he doesn't like him is not a valid reason.  The choice is 100% up to the Board of Trustees themselves.



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