Our church is considering selling our parsonage.  We understand how to get permission but cannot find any clear answers as to what to do with the money from the sale.  We know that it stays with the church but how, exactly, can the money be used.  We have been told that it must be used for other building projects.  This does not make sense to us. Can it be used to pay a minister housing allowance?  Can it just sit in the bank and draw interest? Can it be used to just bills expenses such as electricity, etc.  Please state exactly  any ways that the money can be used.  Thank you in advance for helping us decide if selling is a good idea.
I am the financial secretary of the church.

St. John United Methodist Church
Sumter, SC  29150

Monies from the sale of a parsonage should be expended to support the housing needs of pastoral staff.  If it is not needed for this purpose, the monies may be invested and allow to draw interest, however the principle would need to be expended for building use if not used to provide pastoral housing support.

The Discipline outlines that the sale of property not be used to support general budget items, but pastoral housing support is not usually considered a "general budget item" since that is usually considered under parsonage or housing allowance line-items.


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