Our sort of new pastor does not use the Nicene Creed or Apostles creed each Sunday. Instead she puts on view screen what she wants us to say and read.  Is there anything in the Book that says we should use one of the creeds every Sunday?  A lot of members are not liking this at all.  We do have the Lord's Prayer but that's all.  I'm afraid she is sending our membership down.  She wants to do it her way and that's that. Thanks.

Hi Linda-

ALL new pastors want to try new things, it's in a pastor's DNA.  There is nothing that says you have to say a creed at all in worship.  Our church rarely says a creed.  The only reason that I would see that would be reason to change is if what she says goes against basic tenets of Christianity or Methodism.

There are two ways for you to complain about it.  One is to go to the Worship Committee and discuss what's up with them and your displeasure.  The second is to go to the SPR (Staff Parish Relations) committee and express your concerns to them.

Keep in mind two things - first, be open to new things.  Many churches become stagnant and need either a new pastor, or a new way of worship.

Second, the church is not the pastor's.  The church belongs to Jesus Christ.  The congregation belongs to themselves, and they have a right AND duty to tell the pastor the direction they want to go.  She won't know until someone tells her that you really don't like it.  So, tell her in a non-confrontational way.  This happens in church's all the time.  If it happens too much, the pastor will be reassigned.  Will you be better or worse off with a new pastor?  This is the question you have to ask.

Once you tell her either through SPR or the Worship Committee, and no changes are made, then the SPR chair should go to the District Superintendent and ask for help.  Finally, if you get most of the church to agree (which you probably won't, because most people just don't want to be bothered), then have the SPR tell the bishop and DS that you want a new pastor.  And, this won't guarantee that you get one, although it can help.  (My church did manage once to convince the bishop that we wanted a new pastor, and we got one.)  And if you're still not happy, you can always go to another church, which I know you don't want.  (I personally have come close to this, but I didn't leave.  I've been associated with the same church for 37 years.)

So, spread the word, and have everyone you know who is unhappy to go to the committees.

I pray God will help you reconcile your differences.  Please let me know what's happening.



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