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Louise wrote at 2010-06-19 02:18:06
I believe it has a lot to do with the family. I currently reside in Mexico and I have a wonderful male amigo. I do not live in Mexico City, so the people in my area are a little more conservative. In my situation, I believe his mother would like to see a more serious relationship develop! Our situation is a little different in that we were both previously married and older. But, mothers never stop worrying about their sons! Try to understand your future suegra from her point of view. First of all, you said she watches T.V. This may influence how she feels about U.S. born women. We are always portrayed as promiscous and self-serving. Television has convinced many that we all are like that. Additionally, I have been noticing a trend in Mexican women. Lately, women are the ones who are leaving the marriage and the children behind them. Your boyfriend's mother may have doubts as to whether or not your relationship will survive. Unfortunately, you have to convince her that you are not a U.S. stereotype.

If you really want to convince her that you are interested in learning how to cook, you must first demonstrate the fact. In Mexican society, just saying something does not make it true. Convince your future mother-in-law by bringing over a postre or some other dish you have made. Once my amigo's mother found out I like to cook, that was all it took. Now, we not only visit frequently, but we exchange recipes! I too, speak conversational Spanish, although I do read the language better than I speak it. Be up front about your language skills. Tell her that you are not fluent, but would like to learn. Ask her to correct you when you make a mistake. I told my friend's mother that sometimes I say some funny things. That seemed to open the door to conversation. Now, she has told me that she considers me part of the family.

There is one other thing that is going to sound strange and wrong to U.S. women. This pertains to waiting on the men. I am old enough to remember my mother and grandmothers doing this, so it is not to strange to me. In general, during meals women tend to serve the men and children first. Just asking your boyfriend if there is something else you can get for him, should score points with his mother. Just be patient and try to see things from her point of view. She will notice the little things you do for her son.

I hope this helps. It is never easy when trying to overcome cultural differences, but it can be done. Best of luck to you and your beau.

Garcia wrote at 2015-07-11 08:32:30
Do not pass go do not collect. I'm leaving this short and simple do not marry or you will marry his mom. And they're more vendictive than any other person I've met. Will ruin your life. You will be unhappy. If u decide to stay u have to win her over and anytime h disagree with him or his mom hell will be raised. Stop. Move on pleas. :(

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