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Dear Ms. Reyes,
I saw you answers towards other people's questions, so I would like to thank you for helping us and guiding through your wise knowledge. Thank you in advance for answering my question!

I like a guy and he is from Mexico and he is studying in my university . I would be obliged if you can tell me about how Mexican guys, who are pretty much open minded and actively involved in many organizations behave and do they really tell a girl, if they like her? Also, he knows everything about my past , that is i never had any boyfriends, and he told me some things about his past as well. But, he is really very nice, not just to me , but to everyone! He helps everyone.Also, he told me that "Mexicans are a little loud" - What does this mean? I tried to ask him that in what terms they are loud, but he couldn't explain! I just want you , if you can tell me how these kind of Mexican guys behave?
Thank you!

"Mexicans are a little loud" means that we (since I am Mexican) tend to be very expressive and our voices and actions are Loud. If we are mad, we can get over the top, if we are happy, we laugh and shout. There are also the quiet ones, but I think there are both expressive and non expressive people in any culture.

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