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I don't need advice for my relationships.
I would like to know my own culture. I'm from xalapa Veracruz Mexico.
I grew up in Michigan since I was 6 years old. I've been going to "white schools" since 6th grade. My parents and I are the minority in every town we move to. I don't have any Mexican influences other than my parents. I'm 18 and dating a Caucasian who is from Las Vegas Nevada. He has been around Hispanics almost all his life. He doesn't know any Spanish other than  hi and nice to meet you. We have been dating for 10 months now and  he just me my mother and  father. I would like to understand my Mexican mother who doesn't approve of my boyfriend and discussed fiancÚ. Would you educate me on my own culture please? Specially this woman I have as a mother who protects me and doesn't let me breath. She doesn't like the fact that my boyfriend is Caucasian either. Help me understand Mexican women because even though I'm one I grew up sorrounded with Caucasian females of all ages. I long lost my Mexican roots.
Thank you and please please help me understand this mess.

Hi, Rosa:
Just to clarify, I am Mrs. Reyes-Hull and I am hoping to help you understand your mother a little bit better. First, it would help me if you can elaborate in what your mother has said about why she disapproves of your boyfriend, if you please? I would also recommend you might want to change your question to private status.
Thank You

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