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Noelle wrote at 2007-05-21 08:44:57
I agree with the answers above.  I am Mexican American, born in the U.S and I have a Mexican boyfriend, born in Mexico.  I have finally foung the ONE!  I am reaoizing my other relationships never worked because of cultural differences.  I too am offended when a guy asks me to pay half the bill, dresses too casual for a date, or does not tell me specifics about his day.  I feel loved when my mi amor does romantic things like sends me roses and love letters.  I think the act of courting in the American culture has evolved into a very unromantic practice.  I am shocked to see how quickly some of my friends jump into strictly sexual relationship and then years later move in and then "toss around" the idea of marriage.  In my Mexican culture the focuses are God, Family...AND FOOD!  Mexicans understand that famiily comes before anything, therefore, getting married, having a family is top priority.  I finally found the right one when I finally dated a man that knows and appreciates the same culture.  Relationships ar hard aleady and it helps when you have that in common.  Today's American men need to be brave and wait to court a woman that really is a lady and will appreciate a gentlemen!

brian walker wrote at 2008-06-10 21:09:24
i find since i am dating a Mexican women and we are late fifties both self sufficient that the women do expect the men to pay for everything and do not understand the American expression "sharing" They don't want to be involved with the everyday decision making but definitely make sure you open the car door for her, stand up at the table when she leaves and returns,and give her many flowers, not a problem really it just when it gets to the big ticket items you can go broke if you don't speak up.

Zooni wrote at 2011-07-17 17:48:57
Im mexican woman and i think that theres a lot of stereotypes about mexicans in general. We are normal peopple, i don't like jeolous men and i respect my boyfriend, never had a serenata under my window.  

jurica wrote at 2012-10-31 23:16:25
i just read this one and I am a filipina. and OMG after reading this one its the same with my culture. the serenade that you say and etc... etc... about sex 3 months in relation to have is too early it should me 3 or more months. my boyfriend in philippines I gave sex to him when we were six months in relation.

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