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Mexican Culture/Mexican men and relationships


McDonalds wrote at 2007-09-02 04:14:48
As a gringa I took it upon myself to conduct my own research concerning the Mexican man in the US.  I found that an unmarried Mexican is the exception.  The romance is incredible the first time, until you realize they all use the same lines and moves.  The wives are saints:  cleaning, cooking and looking the other way.  Sex is on demand and often gets rough, which is when I check out.  Experts in romance but the relationship-part sucks.  Every girl should try it once and once is enough...

I just love those dark eyes and the way they can dance, sing and talk that crazy talk.

Brittany wrote at 2008-01-13 05:03:38
I am dating a Mexican right now, we have been together for about 6 or 7 months now. I know all of his friends and I know his family. I am American and barely understand them, but thats still something! I trust him, when I thought I was pregnant he wanted to be there. So your situation depends on the Mexican your dealing with.

Manana wrote at 2008-04-07 08:22:15
I am an American woman. I have been an "amante amiga" for about a year and half with a Mexican man. I am about to have our child in 10 weeks and I am not sure if he is going to be there. He has been there this whole time, but not real supportive. He has talked to her"the baby" and we see each other when he is not working or being stubborn. Every time we get close he pushes me away. I know he cares maybe even loves me in his own way, because when we are together it is wonderful. There is a language barrier but we have fun with this. He makes me laugh. I do wonder though what he really thinks. Our cultures are so different. He has been here for 8 years. He knows the kind of woman I am. He can't understand why I love him. Has other children he adores. So what does that leave me. He always says "Manana" to everything.  I believe in my heart he will be there. Maybe I am fooling myself and he will never commit. Why would he when I let him get away with what he has been for so long. I am "in Love" with a Mexican man . I really have no idea how he really feels. I have known others to never let there woman out of there sight, to be overly jealous. Mine is.... I am not sure. Does he care or will I always be his "amiga amante" All men are different. Mexican or not. It could lead either way.

christina wrote at 2008-05-16 14:46:54
this is not true i am married to a mexican man and he has remained faithful to me. he is the one who asked me to marry him and just as a precaution i had him followed for the first 9 months of our relationship,and he turned some very beautiful girls down.

VaVaVicki wrote at 2008-05-18 21:36:30
Unfortunately, I am in the process of getting divorced from mi mexicano (I'm a gringa he met 13 years ago) and we've been married IN THE CHURCH for 12 years.  I found out 8 months ago that he's been cheating on me for several years.  Everything that's said here about family etc. is true.  It's just a double standard.  We have one son and he has 2 children (that he hasn't really been there for) from 2 previous relationships before me. I would NEVER AGAIN get involved with another person from another culture.

made a booboo wrote at 2008-06-18 07:02:29
this is so true! my 1st boyfriend was married & I didnt know it until after he took my virginity!the hispanic men still view me as they did when I was 19,Im 33 now.

Victoria wrote at 2008-07-09 00:53:05
Women have to be careful with men that come from other countries well, some men.  Mexican men come to the US with a wife and babies in Mexico and come here and marry American ladies and have lots of babies.  He will probably send money to the family in Mexico before or even if he attempts to take care of his American made family.  Mexican men also think that American women are whores excuse my language.  Women here are not submissive like the Mexican ladies. If it was not for the huge population of the Mexican men in my area the strip bars and prostitutes business would be slow. The men that say this about American women; do they forget that they come from a country where prostitution if leagal??  Does he not think that on those days that grandma went to town that she went there and did a little something to help the family out?? Oh, I guess she went to buy cornmeal/flour to make tortillias.  Come on Mexican men.  They really praise their women because Mexican ladies take their crap.  I am glad to see that we they do come to the US that it does not have to be that way. Lived with one pure hell!!

KRISHA wrote at 2008-07-30 01:51:11

LaGringaMasBella wrote at 2008-08-07 09:12:17
I'm married to a Mexican and have dated nothing but Mexicans for ten years or more. The answer to this question is simple: men are men and women are woman. Mexican men and women cheat in a relationship for the same reasons that Americans do it. And Mexican men or women will stay in a relationship while their spouse cheats on them for the very same reasons that Americans do it too. I don't know why people believe that Mexicans are more prone to cheat ... Americans do it just as much, if not more!

chixb352 wrote at 2009-06-14 17:45:06
i have been back with my mexican man now for a year(we were apart for 14 years).He is very loving,attentative to me,we both have children from previous marriages,he is very good with all.he is hard working, as am i,which he tells me i work to hard, i tell take a look at yourself.i love him like no other and he tellsme he loves me,shows it everyday in many ways.we did both cheat when we were married, we were with each other, no on else.and as you say it is just not culture that does it, we all do, it's human nature.

Mexican woman wrote at 2009-10-07 11:06:53
I am a Mexican woman, and have lived abroad for some years now, in Europe, and I have to say that Mexicans, women and men, are more prone to cheat... I dont know weather is in the culture or lifestyle, or sm else, but I think it is so.

Mario wrote at 2009-10-29 17:56:09
No hables cosas que no sabes, el Mexicano que no tiene acceso a una vida con educación completa (universidad)tal vez sigan siendo machistas, pero para las mujeres y hombres Mexicanos el "MACHISMO ES COSA DEL PASADO" y respecto a lo que comentas que el mexicano no se compremete con la familia dejame decirte que la familia mexicana es mas unida que cualquier familia de otra raza, asi mi hermano no hables sin saber.

sjc1961 wrote at 2009-12-17 05:09:20
I am a white women and lived in san antonio texas and heard all the horror stories about hispanic men. It seems that they like blondes with blue eyes. They are all true. They lie, cheat, and steel. There is always another woman around the corner that is going to fall for the latin lover. Don't waste your time. Yes some of them are so handsome and those are the ones you really have to worry about.

D wrote at 2010-02-24 08:33:22
Who wrote this answer???

Oh My GOD!!!

you are full of sh...

Being a Mexican man doesn't "enable" you to cheat. There's no cultural difference... Any man (or for this matter woman) is capable of cheating regardless of his/her culture.

I wonder what this person based her answer on. Specially the part where it mentions that women have to remain virgins...

eliii wrote at 2010-05-10 18:00:27
why is it that its all about mexicans?

its very much likely that puerto ricans do it guatemalans do it hondurans do it. anyone can be doing it.  

michelle wrote at 2010-05-22 18:31:42
I'm american, hard worker, attractive and have helped my mexican husband throughout the years establish our own business, etc.  We have been married 13 years and have a daughter 10 years old.  No matter how hard I tried for all of those 13 years he kept drinking, using cocaine and was addicted to pornography.  Each time we would go out in public he would always look at other women which I tried to ignore even in the church full of hispanic women where we attended.  He told me I meant everything to him and as soon as he got the chance to sleep with his childhood sweetheart he did it.  She (mexican-whore) was married with 2 children and had provoked it by sending my husband messages through her brother that she wanted to be with him.  I will never date another bastard from that country and now want the immigration to rid this country of all mexicans because this kind of thing can happen to any person.  He took full advantage of me for years I sent money to his poor dumbass family and the minute he got the chance to cheat with his own kind he did it.  Now the bastard doesn't feel he has to pay child support, etc for his own child.  He clears $6,000/mo and doesn't want to pay $675/mo child support in the state of Florida.  His whore has 2 sons by another mexican man and guess what he would rather pay for things for her children and her than his own "blood line" which he has told me all of these years is so important.  To sum it up:  Mexican men are very sexually active and will cheat even if you give it to them every night and to the best of your ability.  They are brought up that way!  Not only that they are the cheapest bastards in the world and when you divorce you might as well prepare to be on the short end of the stick ladies.  So beware!!!

solasiempre30 wrote at 2010-09-04 04:55:00
It is true according to my experience. I have been dating this guy (Mexican) for two years and he works away for months at a time. I have done my own investigation and he has cheated on me with other women and denies it all. He tells me "es porque estoy un hombre" in English its because I am a man. It is very sad that some men are like this and whenever the table turns then he will know what it feels like and will eventually be alone for life.  

mexicano speaking wrote at 2011-06-02 21:52:02
hello little american beauty girls!! here.. a mexican guy talking to you... you dont even have a little idea about it.. in fact I was with american woman married for 4 years and knowin each other for 7.... never never never cheat on her, not even look at another woman as you say... then like the american movies... something happen... why do you like neighbors... for a while i was working she was having fun one and another day with the neighbor... then we get separated.. me in mex she in us... after 2 years she ask me.. she told me... babe i love you... i love you come live w me..... then the good mexican guy came to us live w her... she told me i love you right ( now i know that for american girls this word doesn t mean anything) so to be short... she is living with another neighbor!!! nice right!!! mexicano speaking... i am sure I am not the only one with this stories!!! guy watcha your neighbors with this girls !!! you never know

Mujer con confianza en su hombre para nada. wrote at 2011-08-07 21:59:25
You don't even know how to speak good english so how do you know what the majority of American women are like. I married a man from Mexico and later after helping him send money and clothing that I had made for them, found out that he wanted to spend between 4-6 months every year in Mexico with them andhe wouldn't find a job or send money home to me. I lost my home and everything to bankrupcy. We divorced because of his warped ways. What does that sound like to everyone out there? Like a man that is married in Mexico also...I think!

This is funny wrote at 2011-12-20 08:30:34
Okay,I find some of these post funny just because I'm Mexican which is dating a beautiful white women. Here's all your problems your dating a Mexican that has just got here from Mexico all they want and look for is a way to feed their families back at home common find yourselves one that has been Americanized. everyone cheats has nothing to do with color of your skin. We work hard because we want you to have as much as you can we love to make you laugh, we show you love like you've never seen, we remember things you tell us and always protect you. ....(girlfriend) love his smell his taste the way he moves and smiles  

Nismo wrote at 2012-02-26 01:16:45
I will just chime in for a quick moment in regards to "acceptance in Mexican Culture" for a man to cheat. I have never heard of such unwritten law allowing Mexican Men to cheat. From what I have seen, it is very frowned upon. The individual that answered must have Mexicans confused with Puerto Ricans.

If my mother or even grandmother ever caught wind of any type of infidelity from my part, I would not only be beaten senseless but I also doubt I would have certain body parts attached to me, also to include the 18 hour speech Conde ing me to hell.  

confused1432 wrote at 2012-02-28 05:00:03
Had two babies left for Mexico times within weeks on baby born.I still cant believe it.

guapeton2010 wrote at 2012-03-21 07:38:38
hola que tal buenas noches tengan ustedes soy hombre méxicano de 26 años blanco y quiero decirle que méxico es una mezcla de cultura la mayoria de la gente del norte de méxico son algo malas , las del centro son neutros y los del sur del pais lo que es veracruz,campeche,chiapas,tabasco somos más fieles,amables etc y de hecho las mujeres del norte de méxico prefieren a los del sur. El ser humano es el mismo en todas partes sea europeo,mexicano,africano. los americanos no engañan?

BrokenHearted0417 wrote at 2012-03-25 15:02:33
I am in the same situation as many of you ladies so if you ever want to talk i am always open for talk :)   My husband is Mexican and we have been married for 2 years and together for 4 years we have a 2.5 year old. we recently went thur the immigration process and in turn he looked for another women while he was in mexico and they are now having a baby. He is currently back home and my question is WHY did he do this to me? Do you think he will change?

Sympathy with Limits wrote at 2012-04-08 08:45:25
That is very interesting.  I have been thinking this was true, but had not had it spelled out for me so completely before.  I have had this experience with a Mexican man where he did not take raising our child seriously.  And it seems like many Mexican men are raised without fathers, but then I've met two whose fathers brought them to the U.S. and they were pretty much womanizers who saw themselves as kind of devilish.  So having a father themselves didn't make them into great fathers.  I had not made the Spanish rapist connection before.  That is interesting.

mamacita wrote at 2012-04-16 23:51:58
Well I have to agree with what these women are saying.The only good thing that I ever got was two beautiful children two different fathers.For years I struggled to take care of these children while one man was tring to populate the world he has a todo of 6 children.The other one brings a Mexican woman and her two kids over here and would rather care for them other than care for his child.Well guess what I am American so I took there sorry butts for childsupport they both denied my kids so DNA put that strait and now they have to pay support.One spends some time with his child the other has dissapeared and is 8000 dollars behind in support.And as soon as I locate his address I will have him served again.So yes I would say be careful with the mexican man they are mean,controlling ,jealous and only care about thierselfs.To sum it up they don't care if thier children have clothes food shoes unless they are getting something from the moma.So you have to get the courts involved.And if your an American you are no better to them then yesterdays trash.They will tear you apart to the point where you yourself thinks you are mentally ill.You are always the problem they havr no faults.So if you want a life full of pain and heartache and want to be used to pay all the bills and food so they can send money home to the other woman.You want to be shamed and abused then yep a Mwxican man is the way to go.All I can say is good luck.I wish Mexican men came with warning labels!Oh yea the American lady can be bad but remember we learned to be that way because of how the Mexican man treats us.If you mistreat your woman shes going to look else where to find happiness.

Little loca wrote at 2012-06-04 00:05:27
I have to say at 58 years old I did not want to believe my lover had lied to me.

Met him on a dating website, he was listed as separated and a non smoker ... ha!  When we began conversation via the email and phone he told me he had been separated for two years ... that was a lie.  After I began dating him, he would conveniently go out of earshot to call his WIFE!  Once I confronted him on that he confessed with a wild story of fearing she would commit suicide if he left her.   The next fun "event" was when he was on my computer and left his email open accidentally.  I found letters to ex lovers, emails to new women telling them how beautiful their smile was.  The lies never quit and I must say, with him back in TX, the stress level for me has dropped completely.  Why did I keep seeing him?   I became addicted to his compliments, helpfulness, and attention... he was funny and witty ... but married.  Ladies, my friend is a DA in TX, and she advised me that is it "generally accepted" that Mexican men cheat but hardly ever divorce their wives.

Hasta ls vista, baby.

carmaleta Bonita wrote at 2012-07-07 10:35:58
I am 16 dateing a 19 year old Mexican Guy and I've seen them both ways protection e and cheaters mi Pappi is completely different he cleans we both cook. He barely lets me lift a finger he says women deserve to be taken care if so it's not the culture its how they were raised and it just depends o. The guy

your girlfriend ;) wrote at 2012-11-04 04:22:29
to be honest im 16 i love mexican men they are so handsome and i love to speak spanish! i have blonde hair and blue eyes which everyone thinks that they love so much but even after dying my hair they still stare at me like they did before and i love the attention i am dating one right now and its going okay but either  way im not going to let one guy change my mind about the entire race.

Madly in love with my Mexican Man wrote at 2012-11-08 19:45:33
Out of all the responses on here, it seems that there have been a few broken hearted women. The best answer I saw is the one above my post! A 16 year old girl who is obviously smarter than the rest!! I agree with her, just because you were hurt by one mexican, doesn't give you the right to bash the entire race!! If that was the case then I should hate all white men! Every race has their faults as well as every person. Each relationship is different and there are reasons for everything that happens even if you don't understand it at that exact moment. I have been with my man (who is from Mexico) for 2 years. He is extreamly honest and faithful and I know this not only because I trust him but also because I see live next to him and see him while he is at work too. You get what you give and just because your relationship goes sour doesn't mean that they are all bad. As a white American woman, I can honestly say that I have met more white a**holes than mexican ones. People are people and human nature doesn't change with color!

bella_amor wrote at 2012-12-20 21:33:18
I'm at awww with most of the posts about this question/issue. I personally have dated white men, puerto ricans, asians, mexicans, dominicans, etc. I personally don't feel it is only mexicans that cheat. Men cheat regardless of their race. It has to do with their morals or lack there of. My advice to the ladies and men on this subject would be to do your research on the potential mate, don't be a nickel looking for a dime,don't rush into anything, keep it 100 when it comes to who you are, what you want, and what is to be expected.  

mexicanCOOkieMonster wrote at 2013-01-02 04:17:24
happy new yr 2013.  well i definetely find these posts entertaining lol. own experience, i had  a really bad time with one american female years ago. she'd lie about suff, hide things from me and then when confronted, when seeking answers about why she did that she would always act like the victim, and act like it wasn't such a big deal. as though it's not even a problem when in fact raised a lot of questions as to what exactly she could've been doing behind my back. she had issues accepting her mistakes , what she'd say one time and next time  u know she'd act pretend she never said anything.  i think white girls have a hard time acknowledging their wrong doings, seems like for some they're truth's worst enemy. u can't cover the sun with a finger, don't fool youselves ladies. be more mature and take responsabilities for ur acts. don't expect any person, mexican guy to be ok with u after u mess up in ur relationships.  so don't expect him to kiss ur feet and expect him not to do anything about it cause ur dead wrong. nothing is for granted, so if u were dumped, cheated on, mistreated or whatever else prolly twas cause ur too air

headed, unwise, inmature. be more humble, get that «i'm more cause i'm white»  kinda mentality out of ur heads. stop thinking like chimps do, get it.  U AIN'T DOING NOBODY A FAVOR..... this is a wake up call to all of u white ladies....with all respect.      P.S  don't hate

angelp wrote at 2013-01-07 00:43:56
Hello I'm a 24 yr old mexican man and I've read most of these comments and I can tell you women what ever your race may be is that not all men are the same. Let me give y'all a little background on myself, in my past relationships I did cheat and now my current girlfriend is white and for once in my life I can actually say I've been faithful.  What y'all need to understand is that mexican men are a little more complex but if you actually figure them out theyll love and take care of you the way you deserve to be. I grew up I  a town that was nearly all wbite people and to this day nearly all my friends are white, and women trust me men talk about their relationships (not necessarily their sex life) to one another and lets just say that other races of men do it also so if you think that a white man doesn't do it, think again. White men just don't admit it like a mexican man would if you kept bothering him about it, and that's the honest truth. No offense to you women but I hope you seriously consider my words because like I said men talk about things just as much as you women do,

thank y'all adios!

White House Wife wrote at 2013-01-08 09:05:03
WHAT no!!! I LOVE Mexican men! I'm a white(ish) girl and I've been married to a straight-up Mexican man from Aguas Calientes for 5 years. We have a 3 year old and one on the way. He is hard working, dependable, very loving and loyal. Not to mention that he should get the Father Of The Universe Award!

Let me throw out some cons though: He is LAZY at home. Once he gets off work, he makes a huge mess, plays with our kid for while, then sits on the couch and does NOTHING. It's pretty much my job to cook, clean and take care of our kid in all the other fields besides just having fun with him lol.

BUT!!! Even though he is a slob (and getting a little fat) he does worship me for taking care of him when most women wouldn't, he's always thanking me for what I do, we have a darn happy child, a nice home, my husband has the best personality and sense of humor! PLUS he has a HUGE family that loves me and accepts me as one of them. (AFTER that 1st year, at first they didn't like that I wasn't Mexican and acted weird around me, Mexicans tend to be just a little racist towards all races is seems lol)

ALL IN ALL: Mexican men are either the bomb, or they suck. That's what I've noticed anyway. My Mexican? He is my smelly, hairy, sweet, lovable husband and I wouldn't have it any other way! XD

amy wrote at 2013-02-06 14:32:48
I'm a white female 29yrs old--i have dated all kinds of men--i think they are all the same in a sence--no matter who u date they are going to have a piece of their "home" in them....white,black, experiance is people are people..reguardless--have some respect and quit being raceist--thats what is happening here in these answers--its crazy,I just want to be happy with someone--i was with a whit man mammas boy from 14 to 27--he left me for a hooker! So there that proves there's bad apples everywhere*i have been with a mexican who cheated--now dateing a 21yr old mexican who if I could help him mature a little faster would be great! So I think it all depends on how they are rasied--my 1st mexicans grandfater had 2 familys and this was ok--this guy now is overly protective and wants to be with me allthe time--not like the other--and for the white guy--he had the nerve 2 say that if we had kids he would have stayed--good then I would be a minority (single mother-unwed) who wants that--look I think if u love sum1 go for it--if it works goid blessed u-iif not move on u WILL find a good guy-somewhere

Rudy wrote at 2013-02-17 11:00:21

  A couple of the responses, in my opinion answered the question.  That being said,  there are good and questionable men in all cultures.  There is no stereotyping to be displayed.  I would assume if you are educated, you probably would seek an educated person articulating in a field of your interest.  Same for non-educated, blue collar, white collar, religion and demographics.  I am a Hispanic male that has been married to my Caucasian wife going on 21 years.  And like any other couple, we experience a wide plethora of challenges.   Marriage is a bond mixed in the compromise and trust that elevates through the years.  More important there is a love that is unconditional, however should not be tested by both sides or challenged.   Not every couple are going to resolve their marital issues the same, and for someone thinking about dating, not every choice is going meet high expectations.  

  My choice or shall I say why my wife choose me, is because I had the character and ethics she was looking for.  She looked inside before looking out.

Haley H. wrote at 2013-05-01 14:44:06
I've been with my Mexican boyfriend for about 10 months now and I couldn't be happier. He treats me and everyone around me with respct, especially his parents. This is something that is hard to find nowadays in my opinion. He's also a very reliable person for anything could possibly need or want. If you need him, he's there. Eversince the day that I met him, I knew his was different than any other guy I've met. He soon introduced me to his family, including his parents, sibling, cousins, aunts, and uncles. He's also met my family and I would consider us to be in a serious relationship and I don't plan on looking for any other man.  

Fed up with 1 mooching Mexican! wrote at 2013-05-02 16:31:54
I have been married to a Mexican man for the past 10 years.  I am now getting a divorce from him because I have found out about MANY and I mean MANY times he has cheated on me.  For the first 7 years, I believed him when he said he was not cheating on me and that he never would.  The last 3 years have been rough.  When I caught him with one girlfriend, I thought that maybe he had learned his lesson and repented, no such luck.  He went back to that girlfriend and found another one, too! You ladies who say that your husband does not cheat, I would check up on him just to be sure.  Get a program to see what he's doing on the computer, get a cell phone spy stick.  I'm not saying he is cheating, all men are different, but many Mexican men think they have the right to have a woman or two on the side.  Just check for your own piece of mind.

As for a few other posts, he was very lazy.  Just wanted to watch TV or sleep when he came home, didn't even want to pay attention to our child.

My biggest problem right now is money.  His mantra is "Solo te importa el dinero"  or The only thing you care about is the money.  Even though for the first 5 years he basically mooched off of me and I never complained. The second 5 years he made almost twice as much money as I did so I told him he should pay more.  He was always asking me for money, telling me he would give me some and then not giving me any.  Telling me the money he made was his, not mine.  If I ever brought up money, he would tell me the same, "Solo te importa el dinero".  Now with the divorce, he has to pay child support and is very upset about it so his mantra is back.  He says this and laughs at me, like it is the funniest thing in the world any time I mention money.  I have talked to other women married or divorced from Mexican men, white, Mexican, and Chicana women, and they tell me that all the mexican men they know say this, even the ones mooching off their women. It is getting on my nerves!

sandi miller wrote at 2013-11-01 20:32:48
I have been married to a Mexican man for 33 years. Any troubles we have had over the years are due to personality traits not to us being from different cultures/countries. I work with Mexican families living in the United States. What I have seen is a lot of domestic abuse and women ending up supporting their children on their own. Too many women stay for way too long in an abusive relationship and are too submissive and seem to feel that they have no control over their lives. I am always happy to see the younger girls of Mexican descent growing up here being strong and assertive.

Mexican men will most likely cheat on you and abuse you and be controlling including financially IF YOU LET THEM!

I recommend them as lovers but be very careful if you want to have a committed relationship.

Free wrote at 2013-11-06 06:06:04
I am a Mexican American woman,  a professional Latina who is very financially successful and has been in relationships with Mexican American men, Caucasian and currently an African American man. Here is what I take issue with: all of these comments are generalizations for every race possess potential lovers/husbands that are emotionally dysfunctional. There is intuition that leads to red flags which many times for various reasons we ignore and the situation escalates into something very unpleasant.

Oh yes I've had my emotions toyed with by men and am divorced from

the Caucasian man that I married when I was 22 (we were married for 14 yrs).

The bottom line is that women need to empower themselves and recognize the warning signs I mentioned. C'mon ladies we all know when we are not being treated well. PS and no I do not have tons of kids, obese or cook and clean for my man everyday. As a Latina I find this stereotype to be very offensive. Good day :)

zodi wrote at 2014-02-05 04:08:11
he is a mexican. he is married. i am a blond american woman, his best friend and lover. he is honest. he says he likes me. i say i love him. we looked up each word and i am content with him liking me. he lies. everyone lies. but he is no cheater. he loves his wife. he only likes me. if im ok. hes ok. we lift each other up every day. i am very happy being his best friend and lover. we are both equally jealous, equally spirited, equally fun to be with. his american wife he did to. i see no divorce in his future because she loves his money and her freedom. no matter, i have a best friend, that is tried and proven to be just best friend and lover. when i hold his hand i have no fear. when he holds mine he feels proud. when we go out, its our world. when we face troubles we find a balance. yes, he is married. his wife needs to be his wife. i am merely living my own life happily and content with my best friend. she can have him back anytime. he loves her. he likes me.

sandimiller wrote at 2014-02-28 19:36:18
Zodi, it sounds like you're happy for now but I hope you can find someone who is 100% yours in the future. It was nice to read what you had to say.

Elisa wrote at 2014-05-01 15:06:14
Well after being with my mexican husband for 8 years I have found a great answer of many questions in a book called"The Labyrinth of Solitude".  This is written by a mexican writer who even has a Nobel price so worth taking time to read for sure!

His name is Octavio Paz.  He describes the culture and why the mexican men behave the way they do, this in addition to their cultural history that makes mexican as a group feeling inferior to others.  Look at their backgrounds and their history of being conquered by Spain, Aztecs and their identiry crisis.

Reading this was an eyeopener to me and I truly advice you to read this up.  Great written by an intelligent and insightful person, who now unfortunately is dead.

Julie wrote at 2014-05-02 14:03:04
One word.  Machismo.  Look it up.  I dated a Mexican man for many years. He was the one who told me about it.  There is plenty of information regarding machismo and sexual identy, etc.  It is a very real thing and very much a part if the Mexican culture.  

sandimiller wrote at 2014-05-05 19:40:33
It can be beneficial to have some background knowledge and historical context as to why so many act in a similar way. I think they need to change a lot of their thinking and ingrained patterns of behavior so that they have successful partnerships. My Mexican husband has been advising a young man in his 20's about relationships; telling him to stop being macho and controlling but it has been truly difficult to change his behavior. He has had many unsuccessful relationships due to that, relationships with Mexican Latinas and non Latinas. Mothers need to insist that their sons not be that way. I have been seeing too many "alcahuetas", enablers to their son's ridiculous machismo.

one woman to another wrote at 2014-06-25 20:25:44
I believe all meXi can men and wemon cheat it's in their culture.wemon have no respect for theirself...because... men have no respect for them. And the dad's don't want little girls because little girls can't defend's a descrate to talk back to ur family.  Family is important to mexican men... u will never see a old woman in a nursing home. Mexican wemon are forced to cook for and live with a bunch of people. Wemon are just slaves. Mexicans really love black girls because blacks will do anything sexual to please them.

MARIS wrote at 2014-10-12 10:11:03
Thank you thank you DR Lawrence for what you have just done, for helping me getting my husband who left me with two kids April last year to me i thank you so much the great DR Lawrence  for bringing back my family i am great full and will always be if you also need his help his

Adrianaperezhidalgo wrote at 2014-11-12 06:01:23
My boyfriend just told me he's going to Mexico in the morning. We don't have a functioning heater, it's freezing, the oven is out, won't be able to have Thanksgiving dinner. The electricity hasn't been paid.... Yet he can go buy fresh parks for BBQ and cases of alcohol for all of his family.says he can go to his village because it's his $. Always says I'm his wife when he wants something done for him... cheated on his first wife, iprenated his minor sister in law, resulted in a abortion, wife disappeared with his kids, impregnated and a relationship with first cousin..... Just helped him renew his resident card, have a feeling he had me on stand by in case he needed to marry again.obtained green card by using a woman that ended up committing suicide..... Likes to act so innocent timid and hard working around others! IF THEY ONLY KNEW!!!!! Plus his ding dong is small, not 2 inches.Thinks everybody wants him.... I'm mentally drained and feel like I'm becoming physically Ill. GAME OVER

Nonethewiser wrote at 2014-11-17 19:25:01
I've been in a long distance relationship with a Mexican for 13 months. I live in Oregon USA and he lives in Mexico , thus far all travel has been on my end because the USA is a bit stingy with the travel visas. I come to see him every 2 months for 2-4 weeks each visit. He treats me like a queen, he adores me and meets my every need, he Observes my likes  and he caters to them.  As a lover he is magnificent he has a way of making me forget everyone else I've ever been with. In romance he is passionate and in a relationship he is very caring. He won't let me cook and before he leaves for work he makes sure I'm take care of for the day.

As in any relationship I pay for my share of home expenses on the Mexico home since I stay here.... However this visit I've had to rent and apartment around the corner for a month because his mom is visiting with him and she didn't want his gringa at his house. Now common sense says that the home is mine because I pay for it...yet somehow I instcitivley know this conversation will go nowhere with him and will only creat a rift between us. So I keep quiet and he comes to me each night.

As far as "cheating" goes, I have a different view of this, I feel that there cannot be too much trust in a relationship , my papi and I understand that if either of us need a lover we trust the other to take from the experience what we needed. I love him too much to deny him something he needs. I am a secure woman and I know what I have to offer and it's not like papi will find that in any other woman... Sex is only sex... True soul love cannot be taken or shaken. I understand that most do not share this view... But most should would alleviate a world of hurt surrounded by ego..

sandimiller wrote at 2014-12-08 21:33:46
Is this for real? So much love yet you can't cause a rift by talking about money? Can't stay there when his "mom" is visiting? Yikes girlfriend! If you just consider this  a fun fling, nothing serious and not spend any of your money then OK but there are so many red flags here I can't count that high. Please be careful.  

JustLove wrote at 2014-12-28 16:50:24
I must speak up here. NOT EVERY MEXICAN MAN IS THE SAME! I was with a complete liar/cheater/all you can find negatively above for over 4 years who was from Mexico. He was a "romantic" loved to send poems, gifts, and compliments so often. But when I checked his facebook and phone is was ALL A LIE. He was just trying to get in my pants and was afraid of being alone and disliked. He was not "Macho" pretty much the opposite, except for the cheating part of course.. He didnt want to marry, but he did want to live with me. He was athiest and had no respect at all for my Christian values. Every time I broke up with him he cried and yelled and made it sound like he wanted to kill himself. He would always say he would change but it was always a lie.

Fast forward to many "coincidences" and little miracles.. I got a new job and this super super GENUINELY sweet coworker (also from Mexico) would always go out of his way to help me and treat me like a real princess. He was naturally flirty and charming, but in a complete innocent way. He often would ask me out. I took it EXTREMELY slow and asked that we be friends first. It was great I started falling for him so naturally, and it felt indescribable because it was pure love. What really made me sure? He didnt give me poems, or even compliments often. He loved by ACTIONS. Not just with me, but his family and friends too. Now we've been married almost 2 years and he never stops to SHOW his love by always helping me and others. Also, I got severe trust issues from the previous relationship so prolly like twice a yr I check my hubby's phone and facebook, but NEVER did I find anything that looked suspicious. ALL his friends and family (here and in Mexico) know about us and are happy for both of us.

Ok so I believe its a lot less to do with culture than faith.

*Previous guy athiest and had no respect for Christians. No true empathy or honesty.

*Hubby now is Catholic (not completely practicing but has REAL faith). I think it helps that his mom is devout and would read to him from the bible when he was little and going to sleep. He is a gentleman, honest (sometimes bluntly(: ), hard working, helpful, and extremely rational. He loves by actions and not words... (it wasnt always easy in the beginning btw, but we stuck it out) He believes in being the provider of our family and NEVER askes me to contribute to our income (but he doesnt tell me I cant work when I want to.)

Thanks be to God I have an angel. Why is it so important to me that others dont misjudge him? Not only does he deserve respect and great praise, if something should ever happen to me I would want someone else to love him truly and see what I see.

Always, always be careful with ANY man. I think you should always take it SLOW and keep your self respect always. There are real gentlemen out there, they are just rare and wont be able to find you unless you respect yourself always.

muchlovetothemexicans wrote at 2015-01-19 19:50:56
In March my Mexican and I will have our 1 year mark. I met him in Seattle and since that day my whole life has changed. I had servere depression as well as anxiety from past traumas I have been through. From the first day my love and I started talking I could truly tell he deeply cared about every word I say and to this very day our communication is more meaningful than ove had with any person my entire life. He lets me know how much he loves me everyday. I love his soul, his heart and his love for Jesus as well. Not only is he my lover but the best friend I have ever had. I trust him completely. He is not a machismo thank God for that. If anyone is the voice in the relationship its me and thats one of the reasons he loves me so much, my strength and opinions. He listens to me and takes to heart my every word and remembers it and acts on it. Now thats a man ;) Hes such a hard worker and very smart too. He speaks english just fine with his cute mexican accent lol. We love being outside and exploring and finding adventures. I know his family in fact im at his moms house right now typing this. They care for me deeply and they don't care at all that im white with brown hair n eyes. He admires me for how hard I work as well and cooks for me and cleans when I ask for help. Hes never hit me or cussed at me I have never ever heard him insult me. I know for a fact he never has cheated and I can honestly say he will never do such a thing and for those people who think all Mexican men are cheaters well you are liars and have bad taste in men. Quit playing the victim and admit you made a mistake being with the man YOU chose. Its not the culture its not the skin color its the tainted soul and heart of the human you fell for.

Much love to the Mexicans! De Amor! :)

Jennifer lower wrote at 2015-02-01 07:19:18

Felpas wrote at 2015-02-23 22:26:00
Hi!  I am sorry ti read all this sad love storries... But not every body are the same... I am not a cheater o "mentiroso" And less a macho!! I am a self loving single parrente of a yong man... And a care for his mother as a person. I am a Hard working man... Yo me love And respect is the KEY for a healthy And REAL LIFE! ... Currently live near México city... Would not minde to get to know a nice woman who would like to explore a fríend ship with an interesting mexican men... =P love is some thing you have to construct! Sorry ir things have been "feas"...

the golden boy wrote at 2015-02-27 03:29:52
H. I am Mexican. I am nota dirty cheater at all. Actually since I am 6 feet tall and light skin,  many people hate me for this. I am always proving the sterotypes wrong about mexicans. I play ball and soccer. I been also dating polish girls in NYC where I live. And most of them would say that I am not a cheater. If anything they actually cheated on me. so to those people who want to hit me up I am here all day. I am always been in love withe blond hair and blue eyes like people say mexicans are. But I repsect my woman. I been in love with many of them. mexico is my home country and I with many other mexicans have been breaking barriers such as chicharito, rafael marquez,oscar dela hoya a famous boxer, Alejandro González Iñárritu who got oscar for best director for birdman 2015, and José M. Hernández who is the first mexican to go to space. My email is if anyone whats to disagree with a 18 year old

mexican_mami2012 wrote at 2015-03-25 10:31:16
I'm a Indian/Mexican, I've been with the same Mexican for 6-7 years now. Everything was great until we had our daughter. Then he changed. He started to hate me for things I never did. I never quite could figure it out. It was because HE WASNT GETTING FULL ATTENTION.  Ever since we've come to an understanding that its never going to be like that again. They feel they have to have a control on your life, who you talk too, who you see/hang around(family included). It's their culture not them. I look past a lot. If I mention something its twisted against me.

AmorSinVerguenza wrote at 2015-04-09 06:20:43
I am a 33 year "white" woman who has been dating Latino men since I was 14. I am currently on my 3rd divorce, all 3 marriages to Mexican men. I have 3 children 2 of which are Mexican and 1 is Nicaraguan. I speak fluent Spanish, listen entirely to Spanish music and make tortillas by hand. My whole life I have had to defend who I am to both the American and Latino cultures. Americans think I'm a traitor to my heritage and Latinas (90% of them) think I'm an imposter. I cannot change who I feel I am inside nor can I change who my heart is drawn to.  

AmorSinVerguenza wrote at 2015-04-09 06:37:27
Adding to my previous comment I must say that I have had varying degrees of relationships with Latino men. The greatest love and ultimate heartbreak of my life was from El Salvador. He loved me completely, never betraying my trust, never lying to me. The cause of my darkest nightmares and deepest insecurities was from Mexico. He took me to the depths of hell and it cost me my soul to regain my freedom. My point being no matter what their race is you are going to have the best and the worst, it is up to you which you let define your life.

Lonewolf95 wrote at 2015-05-12 06:25:46
I'm full Mexican and I've been with my GF who is full White and we get along well. We sometimes faced problems but we got past through it. What I love about her is that she isn't full of herself and doesnt look down at people (I'm the same way). She has integrity and always committed like I am.She always helps those in need. I honestly prefer white woman than any other women but I'd date other women too (I'm the type that doesn't lower standards because I don't look down at people, I simply change them). But honestly I dont think and want to be with another woman because she is perfect.

Blak Ghost wrote at 2015-07-02 12:57:20
People are people. No two people are the exact same. No matter your culture or social status. It's what you have inside. There good people in every category and vise versa.At the end of the day you always have a choice no matter your situation. Show some love and be blessed.Peace.

Blak Ghost wrote at 2015-07-02 12:57:49
People are people. No two people are the exact same. No matter your culture or social status. It's what you have inside. There good people in every category and vise versa.At the end of the day you always have a choice no matter your situation. Show some love and be blessed.Peace.

JellyBean69 wrote at 2015-08-18 06:20:12
I am an African American woman and have dated different races in college and after my divorce.  Some were Latino, to include Mexicans.  I found that some of them are pretty much like any other race, but I unfortunately must admit that a couple of them were awful!  They were mean, sexist and I could not share my opinion with them on matters without them getting offended.  In fact, I was surprised at how I was expected to be subservient.  After my last experience I found love with a wonderful man and we will marry soon.  He has shown me true love again, the most romantic and satisfying sex ever and he is absolutely gorgeous!  Needless to say, he is Black like me, but his race really has nothing to do with why we fell and love and why he wants to make me his wife.  He is still strong and masculine, but also respectful, loving and caring at the same time.  He amazes me at how, such a guy, he is a tall, big, muscular construction worker, can still be so tender and know how to treat a woman.  The man I dated briefly before him was Mexican, but like I said, he was one of the crap ones, always negative, always right and would boast proudly at how he hurt other women in his past.  He was good in bed, but he lacked emotions at times and he was really rough and dirty, too much for me. This does not imply that ALL Mexicans are the same, but the ones I dated were my worst experiences.  I never had that with the two Latinos from other Latin cointries, they were good guys. I always got the feeling that I was just an "experiment" with the Mexicans I dated. It is pretty unlikely that my guy and I will ever divorce, but if we did, I would be leery of Mexicans with that "macho" attitude.

LThunder wrote at 2015-10-14 23:32:38
Ladies, as a 5th Generation Mexican American man, all I can tell you is, stick to more Americanized Mexican American men. Period. There is obviously some culture clash, and in some cases, under development culturally with some of these Mexican/Mexican American men. They don't live their lives up to your standards, and the Mexican women that accept them, it's all they know, and that's why they do. Yes, operate your life with at least some level of intelligent prejudice when needed. Hold higher standards for yourself, and work to uphold them. I find that Mexican American men who are around 4-5th generation or more make much better partners with non-Mexican American women than early generation ones, and forget about over the border ones. Are you crazy? Cultural clash, different values, different outlooks on life. Forget it.

oldwhitegirl wrote at 2015-10-21 05:30:26
Ok I have read all kinds of answers.I am a blonde hair blue eyed white woman.I married my husband when I was 16 and he was 19.that was 37 years ago! But... it hasn't been all joy he was already married in Mexico and had a baby on the way when I met the time I found out it was 2 yrs later and I was pregnant. He told me he was getting a divorce I believed him.he even took me to was horrible they ran us out of his town cuz he really was still married. He finally told me the divorce was final and then 15 yrs later I found out he had just then got divorced! So I was married to a man that was still married. And we even got him legalized in united states! We then got remarried but he nor his family felt like it was that big of a deal that he had still been married to her for 15 yrs! They are used to that happening. He wasn't ever with her again he never went back without me and our kids but he did cheat with other women here and I finally divorced him once but then we got remarried but now he is older and I guess americanized and I won't ever put up with it again and he knows it.but culture is really a big factor as well as demographics I believe.he is from a very small ranch and uneducated and I do think the men are expected to be more macho.his brothers all have more than one family and it's known to all. But I had to act a fool a few times over in mexico and although they thought he was letting me control him it ño longer is an issue that he doesn't go out with his brothers when we go to mexico. My kids all all grown it's funny that our daughter has also married a man from Mexico but our sons both married white women

sandimiller wrote at 2015-11-05 19:56:52
I love your name oldwhitewoman! It seems like "la casa chica" is across demographics , economic and social. I lived in Mexico City for 14 years and saw it all levels. I feel sorry for the kids. Most of the time the women know what they are getting into.  I really want the women to be strong and not tolerate the abuse/control. If they can have a no-nonsense attitude from the start of the relationship, so the guy knows he will lose her if he steps out of line then maybe he will think twice. She also needs her family to back her up and not have the "boys will be boys" attitude.

Since I am working closely with immigrant families I see this abuse firsthand. At least if they are here there can be some resources to help them and the kids but they may have to stand up to pressures from their community and families, be assertive. Women we need to support each other; not criticize and undermine

other women. Do not let your children grow up thinking that it is ok to be macho and controlling or that women have to "aguantar"  

Meltingme wrote at 2015-11-14 14:52:02
I hate hate hate all Hispanic men. Hate is a strong painful word and the worst feeling ever. I have been married to a salvadorean for 23 years. I'm educated, financially secure. He was undocumented, 7th grade educated, non English speaking when I met him. He now has a GED. A secure well paying government job. His mother is a permanent resident and I have "imported" so many of his family members. Including his second cousin whom I believe he had sex with. I worked 3 jobs and paid our house off, only to learn after sending him to his home country for a month vacation, he had an affair there. I believed you can work through anything. Problem was although he confessed to that affair ( on a Sunday) he failed to confess to his six year affair, and saw her the Friday before he told me of his affair. In fact he confessed his out of the country affair to her before he told me. I HATE HATE HATE. What he has done to my life and that of our sons. He has ruined my trust and devastated my heart towards all men. I hope you ladies feel the intensity of my residual hate and this is 1.5 years after discovery day. I make almost double his income so he has to pay no support and in fact I have to pay him. I am still married to the sawed of cheating idiot and it is killing me. The marriage remains as I attempt to minimize the financial devastation he could cause me. His touch, smell, words, voice and spirit make me sick. The one thing I wish is that I had NEVER met him. No man should have that much control or impact into how you see the world. Best of luck to each of you. Maybe you do have the one and only Hispanic that is honest, loving and faithful. I sure thought I did. I would have laid my life on it. Reality is I have a manipulative, narcissistic, selfish, handsome liar with no moral code.

sandimiller wrote at 2015-11-20 17:34:37
Dear Meltingme:

I wish you and your kids all the best. Can you get some legal advice about separating your finances from his?

I have heard so many personal stories of American women married to Latinos who end up paying for all the immigration fees, travel for them and family members. They and their kids do without so the family in the other country gets new electronic stuff, washing machine etc, and it turns out some of that money was going to the other woman/wife and kids that the American woman had no idea of. We have to really check out the guys from other countries by any means necessary to know what we are getting into when we let them in our lives.

Unfortunately your story is not uncommon. I am so glad you are speaking up. Please warn any other women not to be love blind or manipulated. Keep finances separate. If he truly loves you, he will pay for the cost of his immigration and money for his family without it affecting his obligations to you. We can give other women that message.

One woman I know has a master's degree and her husband can barely sign his name, went to 3rd grade. They have been married a long time, 2 kids. He had dentures in his 20's! So I don't know what she saw in him. He always gave money to his ex and their 2 kids but my friend had no money for her kids here. The ex got new clothes and luxuries, neglected the kids, didn't pay school fees or medical and the husband had to then pay that on top of his "alimony". In their country the money he sent went a lot further. It caused a lot of resentment. One of his kids moved in with them and abused her young daughter and the guy wanted to pay for the son's lawyer to defend the molester!!He pulled all of his retirement funds without telling her and used it for a "business" which he knew nothing about and failed at it of course. They were separated but she is back with him so I just can't support her decision. I barely have any contact with her anymore.

I see that a lot of these guys go for women who at the time they meet them have low self esteem, either overweight by this society's standard, older women, a woman with kids, someone vulnerable to their seductive charms which turn into lies.

You have been burned by a huge jerk , I feel your pain. I get livid reading what he did to you and your family. There should be a Burned by Latino Guy support group.  

Besmart wrote at 2015-11-29 08:48:55
Come on ladies! Don't be so ignorant! It's not only Mexican men. It's your choice in men. Make better decisions.  

Lassinsa wrote at 2015-12-01 03:49:39
I was in a relationship with a Mexican man for 10 years.  I'm white, it is expected that they cheat.  He never had any intention of leaving them.  What a waste of 10 years.  I would never trust another Mexican man ever :(

Lassinsa wrote at 2015-12-01 03:50:30
I was in a relationship with a Mexican man for 10 years.  I'm white, it is expected that they cheat.  He never had any intention of leaving them.  What a waste of 10 years.  I would never trust another Mexican man ever :(

Lassinsa wrote at 2015-12-01 03:50:38
I was in a relationship with a Mexican man for 10 years.  I'm white, it is expected that they cheat.  He never had any intention of leaving them.  What a waste of 10 years.  I would never trust another Mexican man ever :(

Lassinsa wrote at 2015-12-01 13:32:45
I was in a relationship with a Mexican man for 10 years.  I'm white, it is expected that they cheat.  He never had any intention of leaving them.  What a waste of 10 years.  I would never trust another Mexican man ever :(

Mexican American wrote at 2016-01-27 21:12:31
Look after reading all of these comments about white women and Mexican men. I would have to agree and disagree with you all. The agree part is it doesn't matter what race you are or if you are male or female. cheating is everywhere, but it comes down to the individual person. But I am not Mexican I am a Mexican American and I was married to a white woman from Tennessee. We were married for 3 years and have a beautiful daughter together. All i know is that she cheated on me and i was going to forgive her for it, but like the saying goes "once a cheater always a cheater". I never cheated on my ex-wife. I know our marriage wasn't prefect but she had other things in mind. I was there for her. I would cater to her every need. we did things together. And she even had two kids from another marriage. I was there for my step kids as well. I also put myself last for everything. They always came first. Then I dated a another white girl from Pennsylvania. Who also had two kids. I was there for them all the time and she ended up repaying me with going out dancing and drinking when here kids were with their dad. And she would abandoned my daughter. Just what i felt. And i had a problem with that. Then I started to date another white women who was from Maine. She was great to my daughter and me. But she ended the relationship abruptly. Saying that she was really hurt by prior relationships. And it was hard for her to open up. What hurt the most was that my little girl got really sad and depress after she left. And it was hard to try to make a 4 year understand. So for me in all my relationships i would be there for them and would always put them first before me. I would help around the house with the kids and be as affectionate as much as i could. But it never seemed work for me. But it doesn't mean that i will give up. :)

Mrs Alvarez wrote at 2016-02-25 01:42:19
I am have been with my mexican american husband for nearly 10 years. We have our ups and downs like any other couple. Marriage is not easy in any culture. However, in light of those challenges, my husband is fiercely loyal to our marriage and quite loving underneath all of his inappropriateness. I love him very much.

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