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QUESTION: my boyfriend live here in u.s.a but born in mexico and was married in 2003 and has one child.His wife still lives in mexico for the last 2 years been trying to get a divorce we paid this lawyer over 3,000 dollars and still no result im think there just giving us thr run around what ur opinion.The wife is
whiling to sign and agree with the divorce how long should this take and how much?How would he sign for the divorce if he lives in united states

ANSWER: Dear Nichole,

If the wife is willing to grant the divorce and there is an agreement as to property division and child support, a divorce should cost no more than $1000.00 and probably less.

Your boyfriend needs to issue a Poder Notarial to the lawyer that represents him. This Poder can be issued by any Mexican Consulate.

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Lic. John Lee Ward
Córdoba, Veracruz

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QUESTION: so if my boyfriend went to the consulado de mexico in Boston CT he can get a cajeta de poder in the name or our lawyer in mexico and the lawyer can sign on behalf of my boyfreind?Is that all we need to get the divorce final?Have you every deal with a case of divorce where one spouse is in united state and other in mexico?Is so did the case get completed?

ANSWER: Dear Nichole,

You need to get a Poder Notarial. That is a very different type of instrument from a Carta Poder.
I have never personally handled a divorce case with the conditions you mention. Divorce is not my specialty.

However, before you send a Poder Notarial to any lawyer, you need to consult with him and make sure the strategy is valid. Divorce law in Mexico varies from State to State. There was a time in Mexico where the parties getting divorced needed to be physically present. In some Mexican States, this may still be the case. If the wife is living in a State where a Poder Notarial is not acceptable, she will have to "adopt" a legal address in a different State.



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QUESTION: I really wish i had found out this information before sending so much money to this lawyer we had!Do you knew if a poder notarial is vaild in Tlalixcoyan Veracruz that where they got married and the wife lives in Piedras Negras Veracruz Mexico.Any informtion would b helpful even the phone number to registro civil de tlaixcoyan vercruz where i can asked how to find info.If it is vaild are you willing to take our case or knew someone trustworty who can handle divorce thanks for ur help

Dear Nichole,

I live and work in Córdoba. That is striking distance from Tlalixcoyan. If the wife lives in Piedras Negras, I would need to check to see which Court has jurisidction, but I think it is in the port of Veracruz.

Yes, in Veracruz you can use a Poder Notarial.

You can google the phone number for the Registro Civil in Tlalixcoyan. But often a personal visit is more effective. I can send someone from my office for any dealings with the Registro en Tlalixcoyyan. Regarding divorce proceedings, I know an excellent divorce attorney in the port of Veracruz. You can contact me directly at:

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Lic. John Lee Ward
Córdoba, Veracruz

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