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I asked this question of another expert here and did not understand most of the answer.  Our relative is a U.S. citizen with three young children who were born in the United States. Mother and children have been in Veracruz since mid-August.  The children's father is a Mexican citizen living outside of Veracruz City.  Our relative is not married, and now the couple have broken up.  

Our relative has no money to get back to the U.S. border.  Our family is not able to send enough money to get mother and all three children back to the U.S.  Mother is not allowed to work in Mexico.  Our understanding is that mother and children are being housed and fed by virtual strangers, but this situation cannot last.

Is there any type of emergency assistance available?  If mother is deported back to the United States, will the children be deported back with her?  Should mother just surrender herself to law enforcement?

Dear Helen,

Dear Helen,

To answer your questions:

1) Emergency Assistance - In Mexico, there is no welfare or food stamp program. The US Consulate as a general rule also does not help Americans overseas with financial problems.

2) Regarding deportation: It is very unlikely that the mother would ever be deported. The children can never be deported because they have Mexican nationality by way of thier father.

3) Surrender: I assume you mean surrender to the immigration authorities? That would not be smart. She could be held for several months before being deported.

I assume the children have US passports. My suggestion is that she finds her way to the border, either by bus or by asking for rides. She can then cross into the US with no problem with her children. On the other side, she can obtain emergency assistance.

Hope this helps.

Lic. John Lee Ward
Córdoba, Veracruz

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