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Hi. My grandfather passed away 2 weeks ago(11.21.13) he made a testament on 2008, I believe, inheriting EVERYTHING to my mother. on his testament he recognized that he was still married and that he has 4 sons and 2 daughters more, but that he dint want them to have any of it for the reason that my mother was left behind with him when she was just 6 years old, she is now 40. everyone else came to the u.s.a. my mother was born in mexico and raized in mexico up umtil he turned 27 that's when she joined her husband in the u.s.a but still has no residency or citizenship. what can she do to claim that house in mexico? my grandpa brought her the papers of the testament. how can she check if they're valid? her brothers and sisters are claiming that the house belongs to them. is there some type of lawyer I can get for this? can she claim that house being in the u.s.a ??

Hi Vianey,

Yes, she can still claim the house even if she is in the US. She will have to send a Poder Notarial to a lawyer or other person to act on her behalf in Mexico. She can get a Poder Notarial in any Mexican Consulate in the US.

She should probably hire a lawyer or Notario in the area where the property is located. If scan the will and send it to me, I can give you more precise advice. My email is:



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