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QUESTION: Is paternity considered established by Mexican law, by virtue of the fact that the father's name is listed on the child's birth certificate?  What is the legal authority?

ANSWER: Dear Terri,

Yes, the person signing a birth certificate claiming fatherhood obligates himself to all the duties incumbent upon fathers, i.e. food, shelter, education, etc.

In Mexico, this law is State law. The provisions are found in the Código Civil of each state.

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Lic. John Lee Ward
Córdoba, Veracruz

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QUESTION: It does, but my next question would be this... can a person's name be added to a birth certificate by any other means, other than the father signing it himself?

ANSWER: Dear Terri,

That is an interesting question. I can see for example in a paternity suit or in some kind of posthoumous recognition it would be useful to allow for a judge's order to fill in the father's information. However, in the case of a judicial order, the normal practice is to make a "marginal notation" on the original certificate, no actually fill in missing blnaks.



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QUESTION: Hi John, I have one more question, for clarification.
Could anyone, other than the person accepting the responsibities of the 'father', sign or name a person as the child's father, and have that name put on the birth certificate?  
If there is a person listed as the father, on a child's birth certificate, the only way it would have legally gotton on the document would be by signature of the 'father'.... correct?

Dear Terri,

Yes, it often happens that men who are not the real father put thier name on the birth certificate as if they were the father. Normally this is done close to the time of birth. If one attempts to do it years afterwards, it becomes more complicated.


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