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Hi, my husband and I live in N.Y. And adopted a newborn baby in Texas.  The birth mother  was born in Mexico but now resides in Texas while her husband lives in Mexico.  The birth other signed the relinquishment documents and we were able to leave the hospital with the baby.  The birth father does not have any issues with signing the relinquishment documents, but the notaries will not  notarized the documents.  We need these documents signed in order to finalize the adoption of our son.  Is it just best to complete a hague service on the birth father or is there a better and easier way to satisfy the N.Y. Courts and Mexican law.  We really need these papers signed and don't know what to dou, your advise would be appreciated. Thank you. P.S. pueda leer en espanol tambien, si premieres contesarme en espanol.

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La via mas segura es realizando las formalidades de la adopcion ante una Corte Familiar en los EUA y solicitando que el Consulado Mexicano tome nota de la adopcion. Solicite que el padre firme ante testigos en una Corte y que firme la inscripcion del acta de adopcion ante el Consulado Mexicano.

No hay vias mas rapidas ni mas faciles. Siempre es mejor la via mas segura. Que la adopcion tenga registro ante ambos gobiernos. Es mas costoso y mas largo, pero es mas seguro.

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