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I wrote to you back in March about my former roommate accusing me of stealing her laptop.  Which I did not.  And you sent me a reply back.  I will paste the initial message at the bottom.

However, I am writing back today because I have several more questions.  Today, someone called me from the Ministerio Publico office in Quintana Roo.  I did not answer because I did not recognize the number.  I only knew who it was after I googled the number later.

I have also received a job offer to go back to Q. Roo.  So my questions are - do I need a lawyer?  Should I get a layer now or when I return?  Will I be arrested?  Should I call the Ministerio Publico office now?  Or handle it when I return?

I am very confused and upset about this whole matter.  Espero su respuesta.  Gracias.

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Hello! An answer to your question:


I am a U.S. citizen who lived and worked in Mexico for almost 2 years legally. I recently moved back to the states.  I was having problems with my roommate.  Now I have found out that she is accusing me of stealing her computer and some other things.  I guess she even posted it on facebook!  But since I didn't do anything, I just ignored it.

Then I received a text from her saying that she filed a police report that I stole it - the neighbor upstairs/her friend is a witness supposedly.  And she supposedly gave all passport info to immigration - I held a FM3 visas. She is accusing me of taking it or taking it to a pawn shop. I don't have her things and I did not take them to a pawn shop.

But I am nervous.  What will happen if I choose to go back to Mexico?  How do I handle this?  Is there a statute of limitations?  It was in Quintana Roo.  Thank you.

Dear Rose,

I think the prudent thing to do would be to communicate with the Ministerio Publico and/or try to get a copy of the Investigación Ministerial (the file). There is probably no arrest warrant for you but there is no way to know for sure without filing an amparo.

You can send a power of attorney to any lawyer in Mexico who can look into the matter for you.

Hope this helps...

Lic. John Lee Ward
Córdoba, Veracruz

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