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QUESTION: My father ,still living in the USA, is giving me some land he owns in Mexico,I have duel citizenship. His brother in Arizona holds the deed in his name, but has written a Carta de podgier? which i have I have the escrituras for the land. I am planning a 3 week trip to Mexico, to possibly put it in my name. What should be my steps to accomplishing this?

ANSWER: Ok, where is the land? Specific State?

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QUESTION: Ostotan, Jalisco

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Ok. You need:

1. Good spanish or good translator.

2. Papers of land: 'escrituras'.

3. Power of Attorney or 'carta poder' signed off at Mexican Consulate.

4. Passport and 'FM': 'Forma Migratoria'.

5. Local Expert's advice.

6. Contact with US Consulate, if you need any support in Mexico.

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