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my husband and i have been married for 19 years, but he was deported to mexico for being such an outstanding citizen.  We were always in contact with one another until 4 1/2 years ago then about 2 months ago i got a message from a nephew of ours saying that my husband was there and wanted to talk to me.  Well it came out that he remarried in mexico and we had never filed for divorce. What can i do to file charges on this man and that other woman?

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Well, she is not guilty. He is in bigamy.

You can notify to Mexican Civil Records Office about your marriage certificate.

If you can't travel, please visit Mexican Consulate and explain your case. They can help you sending to Mexico that marriage certificate.

Annulment is automatic, then you can file a case at Mexican Family Court if you want. Sometimes you can file a case at Mexican Criminal Court, depending on where they are living now.


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