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First off, this is a wonderful website and what you're doing is fantastic. I wished I'd stumbled onto it years ago.

Second, I am a female American citizen of California, who is married to a man living in the state of Oaxaca. We got married in Oaxaca when I was nineteen. My "husband" says that it would take thousands of dollars and several years to get a divorce, but from your answers to other questions, I get the feeling he's exaggerating and not as willing as he let on--unless he's also stumbled onto misinformation as I have.

You've said before that a divorce in Mexico under my circumstances takes a fee and a form. Does my state or his state complicate the divorce in any way? Where can I find the forms we need to fill out? Is my marriage recognized in the United States, and do I have to do anything about that? Where can I find more reliable information on this topic if I get lost or confused?

Thank you so much for your time.


If a couple has no minor children and no property disputes, it really is just a matter of a form and a fee. Divorce in Mexico is the same as in the US, its a state issue. That means that the exact formality depends on which state in Mexico you want to divorce.

The requirements are found in the offices of any Registro Civil. There is a Registry Civil in every municipio (county) in Mexico.

Yes, your mexican marriage is recognized in the US.

You can come down to Mexico and get divorced or you can send a lawyer a special power of attorney and get the divorce without the need to travel.

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